ProbioLite Review – Does This Golden After 50 Probio-Lite Supplement Work?

Oct 19, 2020 7:56 AM ET

Oct 19, 2020 3:56 AM ET
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Acid Reflux is a serious medical condition plaguing thousands around the world. It’s a digestive problem in which bile or stomach acid leads to problems in the food pipeline. It has several severe symptoms associated with it, such as heartburn, nausea, discomfort in the upper abdomen, and dry cough.

There are multiple self-care treatments available. But some of them may be harmful and risky. It might have side effects too. ProbioLite is one of the best supplements in the market that enhances gut function and reverses acid reflux. Let’s look at it in detail.


About ProbioLite

ProbioLite is a natural supplement that helps improve your gut function and promotes a better digestive system. It eradicates the existing bad bacteria from your stomach and balances it with good bacteria. The product’s composition includes the most potent and powerful probiotic strains, which help alleviate chest burns and other symptoms associated with acid reflux.

It’s medically tested for potency and purity. The supplement gets prepared in FDA and GMP certified facilities, so you can be assured of the hygiene and sanitation policies adopted. It has zero side effects and will help you reverse acid reflux and GERD effectively.


The composition of ProbioLite contains 100% natural and highest-quality bacteria. The manufacturers have used a proprietary mixture of 5 billion CFUs. Listed below are some of the significant ingredients used-

  1. Salivarius – Salivarius or Lactobacillus Salivarius is naturally present in various regions of the human body, including the mouth, small intestine, and colon. It promotes better digestive and dental health and improves immunity. It produces antibiotics and treats the acid reflux condition.
  2. Acidophilus – It’s a probiotic strain that is commonly found in the intestines. Its primary role is to produce lactic acid. It can reduce diarrhea and cholesterol. Also, it can alleviate IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and associated symptoms. The strain may induce weight loss too.
  3. Rhamnosus – Another probiotic strain found in the intestines, L. Rhamnosus helps in treating diarrhea and IBS. It’s an effective immunity booster and produces lactic acid that prevents the survival rate of toxic bacteria in your body.
  4. Lactis – This strain improves your immune system and digestion. It also lowers cholesterol and aids better absorption of essential nutrients.
  5. Plantarum – Plantarum is one of the most powerful probiotic strains as it can withstand through stomach acid. Similar to other strains, it produces its antibiotics and lactic acid and helps wipe out bad bacteria.
  6. Longum – It’s naturally found in the colon and intestines. Its benefits and effects on the human body are extensively studied. B. Longum has been linked with improved immunity and reduction of stress and anxiety. It has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent oxidative stress and inflammation.

Other than the above mentioned probiotic strains, other substances like Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin, and Brown Rice Flour are used in the composition.


How Does ProbioLite Work?

ProbioLite is formed with natural and powerful probiotic strains that help treat digestive issues. The best aspect of the supplement is that the ingredients used get instantly absorbed in your body. Once they get absorbed, the strains identify the root causes of acid reflux and other digestive problems. It then targets those bad bacteria and eliminates them from the body.

How to Use ProbioLite?

Every ProbioLite bottle contains 30 gelatin capsules. Each bottle is a supply for one month. For the best results, take 1 capsule daily with a glass full of water. Results may vary from individual to individual.

Is it Safe to Use ProbioLite?

Yes, it’s safe to use ProbioLite. It’s a natural supplement prepared with the highest-quality ingredients. It’s clinically proven and formulated in facilities that are GMP and FDA approved. So, the potency and purity of the supplement get inspected by the authorities regularly. You can take a regular dose of the supplement without any hesitation.

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Benefits of ProbioLite 

Reduces Acid Reflux 

The acidic nature of the stomach gives you a harsh burning sensation on your chest. ProbioLite unravels the acid flux issue by reducing it.

Enhances Digestive Power

ProbioLite enhances your digestion. It boosts your digestive power.

Eradicates Gastric Issues

The supplement helps with extreme gas problems and resulting issues like pain, bloating.

Stabilizes Healthy Bacteria 

The disruption of the intestine causes all the gut issues. So, ProbioLite helps to stabilize healthy bacteria.

Promotes Better Appetite

It stimulates your normal eating habits. You can have almost anything and everything without any problems with your gut.

Side Effects of ProbioLite

There are zero side effects of ProbioLite. The manufacturers have used a proprietary blend of 5 billion CFUs to formulate the product. It’s natural, safe, and risk-free.

Pricing Policy

The seller offers three packages of the supplement on its official website. For the best deals, make sure you purchase from the company’s official website only. Given below are the prices of the packages offered.

  • Basic Package: The ‘Basic’ package contains one bottle of the supplement. You can buy it for $49.95. You’ve to pay a minimal shipping charge of $19.95 on your order.
  • Standard Package: This package has three bottles of ProbioLite. You can order the standard package of the supplement for $134.85, i.e., $44.95 per bottle.
  • Premium Package: It contains six bottles of ProbioLite. It’s a six-month supply and you can purchase the package for $239.70. So, your effective price for each bottle comes to $39.95. 
  • The shipping is complimentary with your order if you purchase the ‘Standard’ or ‘Premium’ package.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The seller is confident that ProbioLite will help you reverse acid reflux and the symptoms associated with it. They want you to be 100% satisfied with the supplement. So, they offer you a whopping 365-day satisfaction guarantee. You can get a refund if the product fails to satisfy your needs. The seller insists on using the supplement for at least a month before deciding to claim a refund.

You’ve to return the supplement bottles to the warehouse of the company to get a full refund. Make sure the bottles are in their original condition and you send it back within the stipulated time. Once the company receives your package, they’ll initiate your refund. You’ll get a full refund, excluding shipping and handling in your bank account. It’ll take 3-5 days for the money to reflect in your credit card statement.



Is ProbioLite addictive?

No, ProbioLite is not addictive. There aren’t any banned, harmful, and artificial substances used in the composition. It’s a clinically proven supplement that will help balance the acids in your gut and combat the condition of acid reflux.

How many days will it take to see the results?

The results might differ for different individuals. The manufacturer has used a proprietary blend to prepare the supplement and it’s bound to work. So, try the supplement for at least 30-60 days to see effective results.

Can you take ProbioLite with other medications?

Yes, you can ProbioLite with other medications. It’s an organic supplement, made with the highest-quality ingredients, and has zero side effects. But if you’re suffering from any comorbid condition or are pregnant, you must consult your physician before using the supplement.

Do you require a doctor’s prescription to use the product?

No, you don’t need a prescription to order the product and use it. You can order the supplement from the company’s official website if you’re above 18.

Are the transactions secure on the seller’s website?

Yes, the transactions are secure and protected.

Customer Testimonials

I was suffering from severe heartburns and was diagnosed with GERD. He put me on pills and suggested a surgery that will cost me a fortune. My wife started searching the internet for solutions and found a helpful video of ProbioLite. I started taking a capsule daily and, in a week, my symptoms reduced considerably. Thanks to ProbioLite for reducing the acid reflux and indigestion. Gary, 47, Phoenix, Arizona. 

I’ve had gastric issues since childhood. I’ve struggled with proper digestion. When I turned 30, the problem was aggravated as whenever I used to eat something spicy, I started to have heartburns. It started happening to me quite frequently, i.e., once or twice a week. I got diagnosed with GERD, a serious medical condition. My physician recommended me to take ProbioLite. In two weeks of using it, the symptoms vanished and my gut started to work better. David, 31, New York. 



ProbioLite is one of the most effective supplements available in the market that promote better gut function and enhances your digestive system. It identifies the origins of the causes of acid reflux and eliminates them. Along with better digestive health, the supplement can help lower cholesterol and reduce stress, among other benefits.

It’s a powerful and natural supplement. It’s a safe product with zero side effects. The potency of the ingredients used is checked regularly by relevant authorities. You can consume its regular dose without any hesitation. In a month or so, you’ll start to notice improvements in your gut health.

Order the product from the official website of the company only. Get your hands on ProbioLite today and reverse acid reflux!