Problems with the foldable phones

Mar 28, 2019 1:25 PM ET

Foldable phones are considered the future of smartphone technology because they offer technology that can outpace all other technology. However, that is the ideal condition of the foldable phone, and any new technology has lots of problems initially before they can be solved. Some issues are so extensive that it can completely halt the development of technology. Such problems are associated with the design of technology and without that design technology won’t work. Let’s hope folding phones do not have that sort of problems. Below is the list of technology that foldable phones can face after they are released in the market.

The problem of the crease

The foldable phone that the major manufacturers have presented are foldable in the end meaning there is a fold in the screen. When the foldable phone such as Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold are opened then the crease is there which can hinder the smooth motion of the finger. A flat-screen of a tablet does not have a crease, and thus the entire screen is clear of any marks. That is not the case with foldable phones the crease is not visible but it is there and once a person sees the crease then there will no ignoring it. It’s just the human phycology.

The durability of Foldable phones

Foldable phones have the issue of durability just like the motorized cameras. Some of the bezel-less phones released in the year 2018 had motorized camera or manual flappable camera which made people question their durability. It turned out to be true because motorized or flappable cameras had a durability issue. The hinge of Galaxy Fold and Mate X might look good, but there is bound to have problems. The companies have not specified how many folds the hinge can take it is a hinge after all.

They are bulky

Foldable phones are quite big, and one can judge their thickness by just looking at them. The thickness of a foldable phone is equal to that of two phones and phones are supposed to be small because they are supposed to be carried around. These phones cannot be as thin as standard phones, or it might take a long time for the foldable phones to be thin enough.

Battery life

Battery life of foldable phones is also a problem because both Galaxy Fold and Mate X have a small battery in relation to the screen ration. The battery of a tablet is twice more powerful than phones and the foldable phones presented so far has battery power of a phone. So battery life will be an issue.

Foldable phones are expensive

Foldable phones are expensive because the technology being put in these phones is quite advance making them pricy. The prices of the two most anticipated foldable phones Mate X and Galaxy Fold is so high that the same amount of money can be used to buy a flagship phone and tablet while still have money to spare. The price of Galaxy Fold is $1980 while that of Mate X starts form $2600. The high price tag of these phones cannot justify problems.

These are the immediate issues of the phones there are bound to have more problem and issues will appear as these phones hit the market. It is not necessary that the problem will persist forever with the evolution of technology we might see the improvement in foldable phones.

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