Productivity Bullet Journals: Your secret tool to get more from your day

Jun 23, 2021 11:00 AM ET

Given how busy our work and personal schedules are, most of us have difficulty planning and organizing our days (and weeks…and months!). Some of us try to diligently list our tasks, thoughts and action plans in paper diaries, journals and spreadsheets, only to find they’re quickly outdated, leaving us in an unproductive circle list management, instead of productivity management.

A bullet journal app is the best way to inject productivity into an otherwise unproductive day. So, what is a bullet journal, and how does it help keep us productive? According to Wikipedia:


Bullet journals are a great way to get productive in every aspect of your life – from planning meals to scheduling kids after school sporting appointments, and from organizing home, school, college and workplace engagements, to planning meals and tracking fitness activity. If it must be done, chances are you’ll do it more efficiently using a Bullet journal from the best planner app available.

Dodging Bullets

The challenge with traditional paper-based bullet journals, is that they aren’t very user-friendly. And, in today’s digital era, paper-based productivity tools have lost their efficacy. And then, there are “electronic” planners, which are nothing more than a digitally mimicked version of their paper-based counterparts. Even though developers call them “apps”, they’re no more than lists of things…nothing more!

That leaves most productivity-seekers dodging bullets every time a plan goes unfulfilled, or a task goes undone! You listed it on your spreadsheet or in a digital sticky note – but it still fell through the cracks. At the end of each day, as you review what you’ve accomplished, chances are that you’ll find you spend 90% of your day managing your BuJo, bouncing from one list or app to another, and just 10% of the time getting things done. 

Meeting the Productivity Challenge – Head-on!

An integrated bullet journal app, like the Aspire Productivity App, addresses those challenges by tackling productivity head-on. No more will you bounce from your To Do list, grab information manually from there and pump it into your Calendar…then go back and update your list – only to find your To Do and schedules are now out of sync!  

Integrated BuJo apps seamlessly let you import, update and edit To Do Lists, Budgets, Free style Notes, Grocery Lists, Fitness Tracking, Meal Planning…and much more. You’ll eliminate many hours of “list management” during the day, and redirect that time to more productive use. The time spent updating multiple lists, notes and scheduling apps, is now available to get things done…rather than listing what needs doing.

Getting productive has been an aspirational goal for many – and Aspire’s Productivity App empowers you to achieve those aspirations. With the best planner app for the iPhone, Mac or Windows tablets and desktops, you’ll have a secret tool to crack the productivity puzzle.    

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