Professional Reedsy Editor Jim Feldkamp Explains How the Organization Boosts Author Potential in Self-Publishing Industry

Jun 11, 2020 6:10 PM ET

Working as an editor with the online author resource Reedsy, Jim Feldkamp adds to the specialized tools available to boost author potential in the self-publishing industry. 

Jim Feldkamp serves as a Subject Matter Expert at Georgetown University where he’s developed a course on “Terrorism and Unconventional Threats.” In the past, he was an adjunct professor at George Mason University, and George Washington University, teaching undergraduate courses in domestic and international terrorism.  During his career, Jim Feldkamp has also authored and edited a university textbook through Cognella Academic Publishing.

In his spare time, he helps authors with a dream of self-publishing improve their craft and their potential in the industry as an experienced editor. With his help, and the help of professionals working remotely from around the world, Reedsy sits at the top of available publishing resources for aspiring authors.

“Reedsy was founded in 2014 and has grown into a tremendous international network of professionals that offer insight, tools, and free educational content to help authors succeed in the self-publishing industry,” says Jim Feldkamp. “To date, the company has assisted in producing more than 10,000 books.”

Reedsy is trusted all over the world for providing quality talent and assistance to authors, and they’re dedicated to working only with professionals such as marketers, editors, ghostwriters, and designers who have proven their worth in the industry. Authors coming to Reedsy for help include a diverse roster of writers from all walks of life who receive individualized support suited to their genre and budget.

“The company is based in 30 countries, bringing diverse perspectives and tried-and-true methods to amplify author success,” says Jim Feldkamp. “Ultimately, the goal of Reedsy is to help produce a vast variety of books and writers who aren’t restricted to the rules of mass-market culture.”

Jim Feldkamp says Reedsy offers lists of book promotion sites where self-published authors can boost recognition of their work. They also offer book review blogs to help generate buzz, Booktube channel guides to enlighten authors of available resources, and access to literary magazines. Reedsy even gives authors generator tools to help them shave off time when choosing elements like book titles, character names, and pen names.

Throughout the year, Reedsy offers short story ideas for creative thinking, weekly and annual writing contests to sharpen authors’ talent and boost audience, and many writing exercises that help authors improve their craft.

“As an editor with Reedsy, I have the opportunity to further expand the diverse perspective of self-published books while ensuring quality, engaging content for readers everywhere,” says Jim Feldkamp.


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