Professor of Computer Science Jason Mars Says Discusses the Importance of Scientific Research in Starting an AI Company

Jul 14, 2020 4:30 PM ET

Professor of computer science Jason Mars explains that starting an AI company requires real scientific research done by real scientific researchers.

ANN ARBOR, MI / JULY 14, 2020 / Artificial Intelligence companies are popping up around the country and around the globe. However, professor of computer science Jason Mars explains that starting an AI company isn’t something that can be done at the drop of a hat. A successful AI company requires true scientific research performed by actual scientific researchers. Jason Mars states that a vast amount of new Artificial Intelligence companies tout AI, but they don’t actually have any real PHD-grade research to back them up.

Computer science professor Jason Mars explains that Artificial Intelligence software is a major new market in the computer science industry. The focus of such software is typically to provide a solution to a problem. However, this software can also include planning, learning, speech recognition, and other features that can replace the need for human engagement in the problem-solving process.

Professor Jason Mars explains that successful AI companies are not only founded and run by engineers. In fact, engineers cannot operate an AI company alone, as every problem these companies seek to solve must be solved by research, and that research must come from a PHD-grade team. Jason Mars adds that engineers are great at building, but researchers are needed to discover problems and proper solutions.

“Don’t be fooled by research papers that have ‘open-sourced’ their models or techniques,” Jason Mars says. “These papers have not been researched by qualified PHD-grade teams.”

Professor Jason Mars explains that every true AI research paper has been researched by people who are considered experts in their fields and hold PHDs. When AI companies are confronted with production problems are problems that have never arisen in the past, computer science researchers are needed to research the issue at hand. Jason Mars states that those researchers can develop and adapt sophisticated models to new or unsolved problems.

“Creating an AI company is the new phase of tech start-ups, and everyone wants a piece of the pie,” Jason Mars says. “However, anyone who wants to create an AI company needs to know that proper research teams need to be hired and science needs to back it all. Otherwise, a durable, successful AI company will never be achieved.”

Jason Mars finishes by stating that those who want to start AI companies can look to those that are most successful. Apple Inc., Amazon, the Microsoft Corporation, Facebook, Google, Intel, and the other AI companies everyday people use on a daily basis are all backed by teams of engineers as well as teams of professional scientific researchers who are experts in their fields.


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