Pros and Cons of hiring an interior designer

Oct 21, 2020 12:04 PM ET

Oct 21, 2020 8:04 AM ET
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Whether it is constructing a new house or office, or giving your place of abode a new class look by renovating it, a lot of costs are involved in both the tasks. And because of this reason, everyone wants that everything must be planned and executed properly so there are no mistakes. Interior designers play a very important role in this task. They can help you in laying out the design of your house and give you an almost exact picture of the new look of your house. People are not sure about hiring an interior designer or not. One can hire an interior designer for the sole task of planning and designing and then execute the plan and gather all the resources themselves and with the little guidance of the designer. Or interior designers can be hired on a turnkey basis wherein one can handover them all the tasks, from planning to constructing, and sit back and relax. Hiring an interior designer has many benefits provided you hire the right interior designer who has valuable experience in this field and has worked with a lot of clients. To select the right interior designer you have to do a lot of market research before making the final decision. But before that, let us discuss the pros and cons of hiring interior designers.


There are many benefits of hiring interior designers, let’s take a look at them:

  • Avoid mistakes

Interior designers make sure that mistakes take place at any step. For this, they work with proper planning from the first step itself. Interior designers will first take note of your likes and dislikes, tastes, and preferences, and layout a 2D design and present it to you for your approval. Once you approve the designs, they will lay a 3D design of the house, and if you want any changes, then they will redesign again. Getting a 3D design of the house implies that you have 90-95% of the picture of the house at your disposal already. So this will help in avoiding mistakes and wastage of resources.

The task of accumulating all the resources may be a daunting task for you, as you have to meet several contractors, wholesalers, etc but this is not the same for interior designers. They already have tie-ups with the contractors, wholesalers, electricians, plumbers, and other vendors. Contacting and coordinating with all of them might not be easy for you but interior designers do this regularly. Instead of undertaking this task, you can hire interior designers on a turnkey basis and they will accumulate the resources and contact and coordinate with the required people on their own. So instead of maintaining varied points of contact, you have to maintain only one point of contact with whom you can hold accountable for any issues. Moreover, they will ensure that all the tasks are executed smoothly and without any hassle.

  • Help in getting most of it in the minimum cost

People are of the notion that hiring interior designers implies incurring huge costs, but that’s not the truth. Interior designers can help you in saving a lot of money, and I am sure you will be astonished to know this fact. They can guide you in finding the right material and at an economical cost. For instance, if you are living in the Bay Area, and you want to buy furniture for your house, interior designers will guide you and help you in choosing the right material. There are countless brands in the market and they will help you choose the right brand. So we can conclude that interior designers will help you in taking the right decision, in terms of spending money on materials and other things that add value and elegance to your house, and eventually, help you in saving a lot of money.

  • Space Optimization

Whether it’s about constructing a compact house or a big bungalow, interior designers understand the value of space and they know how to make use of the space available as they believe in not wasting any space. For this, they take the measurements of the house, and do proper planning and layout, and think of ideas and arrangements that will fit adequately in the space.

  • Quality work

Interior designers have their team of well-trained professionals, subcontractors, and other people. The team works professionally and follows the instructions of the designer and works on every minute detail to avoid any discrepancy and mistakes. The Interior designer will ensure that the work is of superior quality and done by experienced craftsmen.

These were the pros of hiring an interior designer, however, there are some cons as well. So now, we will discuss the cons of hiring interior designers.


  • Delays in starting the work

Interior designers do proper planning of designs and layouts before they start the actual construction of the house. This may go on for several months, this will cause a delay and start the construction work by several months. To avoid this delay, you can consult the designers 2-3 months before your planned date of starting the construction of the house. If you are staying in a rented apartment, you consult them before getting possession of the property.

  • Hiring interior designers is a costly affair

Hiring interior designers can be costly as interior designers will charge their fee and if you ask them to accumulate the resources, then they will charge you extra and include their profits in the materials as well. To avoid incurring extra costs, you can hire interior designers according to your budget and availability of time. For instance, if you cannot manage to research the market and gather resources, then you can hire designers on a turnkey basis and bear the cost, they will give you a quote in which all the costs will be included. If you want to save costs, you can hire them to do the planning and layout, and undertake the rest of the tasks. You can ask the interior designers to guide you.