Quibi Vs Netflix: How The New Streaming Service Will Compete Against The World’s Popular Streaming Service

Apr 7, 2020 2:40 PM ET

Quibi Vs Netflix

Well, well, well, what do you think Quibi is? People are widely told about this vague unit of ten minutes or less, and they are gold in the many ads that are now ubiquitous as well as maligned on YouTube or Instagram or TV.

Here is what we are aware of the new streaming service provider Quibi!

Of course, we know that it is a backed attempt by a billionaire to mint a new one-word signature in the entertainment industry. This is an attempt to unite the prestige of Hollywood and other resources with interstitial snackable bumps that are full of content and are popularized mainly by lo-fi creators on the video platform and various other networks of social media.

People are finding it a bit weird that this new service is aimed to be disruptive insurgent of entertainment platforms while it is specially made for an audience that are born with phones in their hands.

If we start comparing Quibi against the streaming giant Netflix, here are the two points that must be kept in mind.

Quibi has now launched a scheme of a 90-day free trial. This is way much more than what Netflix or other streaming platforms offer. Netflix gives us a 30-day trial while Apple TV plus, Hulu, and Disney plus provide us with just seven days.
A monthly subscription that has advertisements is going to cost 4.99 US dollars for a month, while a subscription without ads will cost 7.99 US dollars for a month. For this money, customers can watch a view of a true scattershot of content.

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