Quran classes with Tajweed learning

Aug 17, 2020 5:15 AM ET

We all know that the learning of the holy Quran is important and useful for each Muslim for example, the Quran acts for the betterment of our both life, it does not only give us piece of advice for this life but also saves us from being the part of those who will entitle to the punishment of Allah. It will be due to the dependence of after life over the present life. In clear words, we can easily say that if one acts upon the holy Quran in the present life, he will be bestowed on the Day of Judgment.

Therefore, learning of the holy Quran gets great importance for us. Some basic things are of high importance to learn the holy Quran. Tajweed learning is the necessary step to be taken to learn the Quran. Even Arab students need knowledge of Tajweed for Quran learning.

There are two types of modes through which the Muslims learn the Quran; one is the online mode, which is still progressing, the second is the traditional mood, which is still present and playing a progressive role in the Quran learning.

The significant role of Tajweed learning for students

Tajweed learning is regarded as the basic step towards Quran learning. The question takes place in our mind that what we learn in Tajweed learning? The simple and clear answer to that question is the application of principles of the correct pronunciation of the required words and several other principles, the application of which is necessary for learning the Quran recitation is called Tajweed learning.

We can easily guess what the importance of learning Tajweed is by the fact that the Arab students also need such type of knowledge because of the transformation of language from classical to modern, we all know that the holy Quran was descended upon Prophet PBUH in classical Arabic language which is different from the modern language.

We can easily say without Tajweed learning; we cannot learn the holy Quran thoroughly.

In the traditional system of learning the Holy Quran, Noorani Qaida is being used to provide the knowledge of Tajweed to students. The use of Noorani Qaida is still playing an effective role in educating the students with the basic rules of Quran learning.

There is a sequence to learn the recitation of the Holy Quran after learning the basic rules of Tajweed. The sequence is step by step, which is the following.

As parents, we should find a good teacher to provide the rules of Tajweed learning either by the online system or traditional system.
First, the teacher should tell them what rules of Tajweed for Quran learning are. In other words, he should let them memorize the rules one by one.
The third step is of practicing the memorized rules, Noorani Qaida provides enough facility with exercises given. It is better to repeat the exercises one by one.
Then, we should go to Quran learning by starting from the basics.

This is the step by step process to learn the rules of Tajweed. We should not refuse to learn the rules of Tajweed. Some people regard it as an unnecessary thing, but in reality, it is the knowledge of great importance because if you recited the holy Quran wrong in your whole life, the punishment of reciting wrong by Allah would be heavy on you.

Moreover, the learning of Tajweed rules is the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet PBUH because when first verse revealed on Prophet PBUH, Gabriel asked Prophet PBUH to read what I have presented you, Prophet PBUH replied that I could not read, then Gabriel helped Prophet PBUH to read what he presented.

Different Quran classes

Different online Quran classes for kids demonstrate the mode of Quran learning, one of which is the traditional model, and the second is online mode. Both system are in the process and playing a very important role in educating the people with the knowledge of the Holy Quran.

If we consider the traditional model of learning the holy Quran, it took the start from the holy Prophet PBUH and is continuing to our age. The companion of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH was a clear example of what they learned from Allah Almighty.

We have also learned from the traditional system of learning the holy Quran. In other words, we are also witnessing traditional Quran learning. It is still the finest way to learn the holy Quran.

But, since the record-breaking advancement in the field of information technology has turned our mode of Quran learning from traditional to modern. Therefore, our children are getting access from their homes to their classes and learning the holy Quran comfortably. In different words, they do not have to go to the mosque for Quran learning.

The role of the internet for such type of online Quran classes is second to none. It is playing crucial and important role in Quran online classes. If you have a sound internet connection and a PC, it means you are ready to attend the classes from your home.

This system has advantages and disadvantages like all other systems. There is a need for improvement. We should be hopeful because the researcher has not given up. There are trying to find a good solution Quranforkids.com to the disadvantages. Inshallah, very soon, they will find a better solution for such types of lacking.


Most people think that they do not need to learn the rules of Tajweed because it is not important. At the same time, the truth is that the learning of Tajweed rules is necessary for learning the recitation of the Holy Quran.

We should necessarily pay equal attention to the learning of the rules of Tajweed without which we cannot learn the holy Quran thoroughly. It helps clearly help us to learn the recitation of the Holy Quran.


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