Raleigh driver is killed when she hits a much larger truck

Mar 10, 2020 1:00 AM ET

Truck accidents are more likely to be fatal than accidents involving smaller vehicles for several reasons. This is especially true if a large semi truck or similar vehicle makes contact with a car that weighs much less.

When someone is seriously harmed in these kinds of accidents, there are ways that they can receive compensation through the legal process.


A collision between one truck and one car claimed the life of a victim in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Driver dies after she collides with a truck on Lead Mine Road

Police officers received an emergency call to respond to the area of the Lead Mine Road and Lake Park Drive intersections at about 2pm on a Monday. They believe a female driver was going southbound on Lead Mine Road when she suddenly started to drift over the center line into the traffic oncoming in the opposite direction. Her car hit a truck that was going northbound while she was partially over the dividing line.

Shortly after the initial impact, emergency crews were able to determine that the woman driving the car had died on the scene and the truck driver was seriously injured. Lead Mine Road remained entirely closed for hours while local police conducted an accident investigation. Northbound traffic was rerouted to either Lake Park Drive or Shadyside Drive to the west. Southbound traffic was also redirected onto Shadyside.


Remedies for drivers or pedestrians harmed in a truck accident

People who are injured or killed by truck drivers during a collision do have several different legal options to try to get help. There are various kinds of civil lawsuits that will hold the driver and the business that they work for financially responsible for their actions. In fatal accidents like the news story above, there is a special type of wrongful death lawsuit that is available in each state.


Wrongful death cases

Every jurisdiction in the U.S. has a statute that addresses how a family can respond to the death of a family member through the civil courts. A wrongful death lawsuit gives them a chance to get paid for funeral and burial expenses, medical costs, lost wages, and the value of other services that the victim could have provided if they had lived. This can be done whether the person is charged criminally or not for their role in the victim’s death.

North Carolina has its own wrongful death laws that are slightly different from everywhere else in the country, so it is important to talk to a lawyer with experience in these kinds of cases.


Get help from a law firm in your area

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