Rapper Kodak Black Sent To New York Prison Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

Mar 27, 2020 8:35 PM ET


Kodak Black was sent to a New York jail for the Coronavirus outbreak.

It was not until January that Kodak Black complained of unfair treatment in prison and was transferred to another prison in Kentucky. It turns out that the rapper did not last long either because the COVID-19 pandemic forced him to return to jail in New York State. “I’m here until this crown craps Ova Wit,” Kodak wrote on Twitter with his new mailing address in Lockport, New York. We still don’t know how the imprisoned rapper has so much access to devices and the Internet, but fans certainly aren’t complaining.

A video surfaced by the rapper showed the effect of the epidemic on artists

A recently released video by Kodak Black about the coronavirus and its effects on artists. He noted that rappers were not making money due to a lack of reserves and joked that the coronavirus should remain until it came out. Although he joked a bit about the pandemic, he paid close attention to his social responsibility as a famous and influential man. Kodak donated $ 5,000 to more than 600 reading books, notebooks, and other school supplies for elementary school children in Broward County, Florida.

The measures are taken to reduce transmission risk

Details of his latest transmission are scarce, but reports show that these measures have been taken to reduce the risk of contamination from the “kill bill” rapper. Since it is unknown how long this epidemic of coronavirus will last, there is no set time for Kodak to be held in New York prison. You can also feel comfortable in your new home.

The rapper is currently behind the bars

The Florida rapper is currently serving a 46-month prison sentence for falsifying information on a federal document to obtain a weapon. Not only did he use fraudulent social security, but he also lied, saying that he had no criminal record. Kodak Black also admitted an additional criminal charge of a firearm that would, at best, grant him another two years to be served simultaneously with his previous sentence. However, there was no update for the trial scheduled for March 24. I think we can also blame Corona.

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