Reasons Why Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs are Different

Oct 27, 2020 6:00 AM ET

Oct 27, 2020 2:00 AM ET
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Choosing a set of golf clubs is not as cut and dry as simply walking into a golf store and picking out the most expensive clubs on the market. It is about your feel and performance. Of course, for beginner players and enthusiasts, it can be tricky to know what clubs work best for you. There are clubs labeled for different genders, but it is important to note what they are labeled that way and their performance differences, as ultimately, choosing a club is a lot more complicated. Here are some reasons why men’s and women’s golf clubs are different.

Grip Size

One of the first differences you will notice in golf clubs designed for men and women are the grip sizes. Men’s hands tend to be much larger than women’s hands, and with that factored in, translates to the size of the grip on the club. Many players will attest to the comfortability of playing with a club designed for women, but the common problem usually tends to be the size of the grip, which holds them back from playing consistently with lighter clubs. Of course, you can always customize your clubs to your liking and preference, but choosing an initial club or set of clubs, the grip will play a significant role in that decision.


Another thing that you will notice between clubs is the size of them. Height plays a big role in your clubs as it will also affect your stance and your swing. The best women’s golf clubs are designed to factor in what works best for the average player. Most men tend to be taller than the average women, and the design of clubs has taken that into consideration. Of course, if you are a taller woman or a shorter man, you are more than encouraged to choose and change your clubs to your liking.

Weight Distribution

Women’s golf clubs are much lighter than men’s clubs. The primary reason for this is that the upper body strength for men typically is much greater than that of women. This will result in a naturally much faster swing from men. With that in mind, their clubs need to be able to utilize those strengths accordingly and create clubs that will allow for optimal use and power output. A heavier shaft creates more momentum and more force, which results in the further shot distance. However, emphasizing strength and power is not always the most important on the golf course. With an adjusted weight from a lighter shaft, you gain more control over your shot. This means several things. Not only will you have better accuracy on your shots, but you are also more likely to develop better consistency over many shots and many games. This is essential for improvement and performance.


There is more loft on the head or the face of the club for women’s clubs. This is done so that balls will come off the club much easier with some added elevation. Loft, for those that don’t know, is the angle that is designed on the clubhead where the golf ball will impact the head. This will assist with slower swing speeds due to the difference in strength as touched upon earlier between men and women. The varying loft will have different effects on different players and their swings, so it is important to recognize the type of club or driver design you need that suits your game.

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Color Preference

Men’s and women’s clubs also tend to have design differences. Most clubs for men have a drearier or monotone feel, usually in black or gray. Conversely, women’s clubs will tend to incorporate more color. This does not attribute to any sort of skill or use on the course but ultimately comes down to personal preference, and how production and manufacturing tends to associate more colorful and vibrant designs with one gender. This is ultimately an aesthetic choice and will have little impact on your performance on the tee, although there is the old adage where if you look good you feel good.

As you get more into golf, you will realize that the labels placed on clubs are designed to make choosing clubs easier, but this does not mean you should not experiment, change or customize your golf clubs or sets. Women don’t have to play with women’s clubs, and men don’t have to strictly use men’s clubs. Many women will use individual clubs like drivers or putters initially designed for men as it will feel more comfortable, while many men will switch up their clubs for different swing speeds. Having your own clubs that cater to your style is your decision.