Aug 4, 2020 2:25 PM ET

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We all hear the terms depression, anxiety, and stress very often by every other person in our surroundings. However, these terms are not new, somewhat more common now than ever before. With these terms, we also get the suggestion that you might need to see a psychologist or seek therapy. The mind and body have a unique connection. Sometimes ailments exist on physiological grounds while some exist due to some disturbance in our neurotoxins that affect our behavior.

We all endure some stress, or you can say burnout due to our tight working schedules, or sometimes we get a shock from life-threatening situations. Understanding the functioning of the brain is essential to understand the rest of the physiology. Our brain controls our body functions. Our thoughts, be it negative or positive, have a significant effect on our behaviors and body functions. Most of the time, our ailments do not have a physiological cause but a connection with the mind.

Our brain has neurotoxins, or you can say certain chemicals that can cause a lot of trouble if they exceed their standard limit or decrease. Psychology is the scientific study related to the effect of these chemicals on our behavior and body. We opt for a professional degree to start a career or get a relevant job. Many people study psychology because they find it exciting, but there is also a rumor that studying psychology will not get you a job. The news is false. We cannot solve the mysteries that our brain weave on our thoughts and behavior if we do not have any psychologists around. A doctor will only treat your physical symptoms, but who will unwind the mind’s problems?

Suppose you want to be out there to help people dealing with their troubles and negative thought patterns. While picking out a professional degree, you can choose a bachelor’s degree in psychology to become even pro at it. The degree can equip you with many marketable skills that will help you grow in your field. It helps you to be helping hand for others and enhances your knowledge to understand why people behave in a certain way or what caused the effect.

Are you still looking for reasons to make the right decision? Here are a few ideas to convince you.

1. It pays you!

How will you feel after spending years getting a degree and getting a meager salary? The answer is no one is going to feel good. We tend to study to get a job that pays us well to afford a lifestyle.  Money alone cannot buy you the career satisfaction, but knowing that your degree is paying you back adds to the achievement. People with a degree in psychology degree earn more than all the occupations. A significant part of the netting depends on the employers. A psychologist working in a hospital set up or as an outpatient practitioner will earn more than a person working as a counselor at school or some other institute.

2. Develops critical thinking

When we decide to solve the mysteries of another brain, thinking critically is an essential quality or skill. To understand the essence of theories and psychological concepts, we need to assess it from every perspective to determine the potential reasons. To understand the thinking pattern, its effect behavior, and physiology, analyze the issue or case from every angle with critical thinking in function.

3. Understanding others

Just like a doctor treats our ailments after giving it a thorough exam, we will need to understand others to solve the issues of the mind. These are the  people who are having trouble with their moods or behaviors. Psychology can help you know them, listen to what is bothering them, and offer them a better solution. We all need someone to listen to what is going on with us. A psychologist cannot help others without having empathy for them.

4. Can work in any field

Unlike doctors, psychology does not bound you to one field. You can get into so many areas with a degree in psychology. You can be a school psychologist, work in a management field, counsel patients at a rehabilitation center, and even be in a law firm. The area of psychology has many specialization programs that can add up to your skills and knowledge. From the sales department to a business firm, there always is a requirement of a psychologist to facilitate and change our thinking pattern from going negative.

5. A life-changing opportunity

If you ask any psychology graduate, why have they chosen this field? The majority will reply “to help others or to make a difference.” People who want their career in clinical counseling or therapy have an intention to relive the burden that people are carrying as a result of their thinking pattern. People around us are suffering from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and self-esteem issues. Some of them are open to receive help, while others suffer silently. As a psychologist, you can let these people know that you are here for them or not alone. Together you can work towards the betterment of their mental well-being.


Every day we come across news of someone committing suicide or losing sanity. Suicide is the result of sheer mental stress and depression that the person does that. These individuals are not crazy but are helpless enough by the emotional and psychological burdens that they cannot open up. They need helping hand like anyone else, but sometimes they do not know who to go for this help. Empathy is essential, and it can save many people around us. Even if you are outside your work settings, you can still ease someone’s pain by sitting with them and asking about what is bothering them. Learning Psychology allows you to understand yourself and those who are struggling hard to survive another minute.


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