Feb 6, 2020 11:40 AM ET

Mobile phones are a more significant source for many things ranging from communication to entertainment. The purpose of using a mobile phone varies from person to person. There may be people who are using it for good faith, and there may be a few ones who are using it to make people fool.  The use of everything tells how it’s worth to you. An increased number of phone scams is a burning topic nowadays. There is no specific meter using which we can recognize that either a phone call is a scam or not.

Never take the phone scammer easily. It seems that the person sitting on the other corner of the world, making scams, is just like a man sitting in this corner of the world. There are a few of the parameters that can assists you in the matter of recognizing a phone scam. Yes, indeed, not every call or text you received from an unknown contact number is a scam. But it is not sure that it would not be. There is a probability that makes us a bit afraid.

There is no need to get afraid if your phone is ringing and showing a call of an unknown number. Not every call is from a scammer, but there may be anyone that is wrongly pinging you. Phone scams are threats that speak more about the scammer. To save against a phone scam trying to follow every precaution and direction quoted by cybersecurity experts. 


Few of the safety measures that may help you in recognizing a phone scam are:

 Avoid calls ringing from an unknown number
 Ask the caller about his name and homeland
 Never wait from the question from the side of the caller
Never provide your financial health, i.e., bank balance, average monthly income, etc.
 Ignore questions asked about your confidential information
 Note or record everything caller is talking about
 Make the call records
 Do not wait for the offers that a caller will make
Report all suspicious texts to the cybersecurity of your homeland
Never provide your confidential information to every single app you download in your phone
 Do not make a deposited caller asked for
 Keep on asking questions from the caller until you satisfied
 Before agreeing to all terms and conditions of every mobile app, take a few minutes to read all the terms and policies.
 First, read all the details of any app carefully and then give access to your data
Make sure that the incoming call number is the same that you received before
 Never try to build trust on a stranger so quickly
Never provide your Area code, IP address and ID card number to a caller
Try to identify the person speaking as a caller
Talk to the point to every unknown call
Abruptly report if an app or request, the message is trying to irritate your phone or you
Never share your home address to a stranger
Try to be precise and to the point even with your new social media connections
 Do not let any stranger be personal to you
Verify the identity of the caller before providing the information, either it is your bio or anything else.

Not everyone is aware of how to dial a phone scam in a burning situation. The same scammers back, not every fraud stop being afraid of scammers. Try to face them confidently. You are not supposed to answer every query that a caller or stranger asked from you. Never wait to make the call end. Just block the caller or a social media connection if he or she is trying to harm you in any way. 

In this age of technology, almost every single man and woman are trying to access social sites. The purpose of phone scams is not always the same. They also never target one in the same way. They keep on changing their ways of scamming one. It is not upon a single man to stop scams ib a day. It is a significant net of some people who are ruining the entire world. Therefore, there is a need for the full participation of every man.

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