Remodel Your Kitchen With Right Kitchen Cabinets

Apr 2, 2020 4:50 AM ET

Your kitchen needs remodeling and for this purpose, you are supposed to choose the right kitchen cabinets as they are one of the most important aspects to define the beauty of your kitchen. They are slightly costly for the remodeling of the kitchen.

Here are some of the points which should be considered before remodeling your kitchen with perfect kitchen cabinets. You can contact Kitchen Cabinets manufacturer in Scarborough for the best results.

The trend in kitchen styles

You are supposed to consider style as well as the function of the cabinets as they decide the outlook of the kitchen. They are the basis of the work areas.

If we solemnize the words of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, then gray white and off-white cabinets are popular kitchen design trends for 2016. Simplified cabinet storage with pullouts, tilt-outs, tilt-ins, and rollouts are also on the list.

Another prominent consideration in this concern is accessible designs that are also known as universal designs.

Different types of cabinets

There are three options in your hand when you are going to buy cabinets:

Stock Cabinets

Such types of cabinets are sold in the home improvement stores. Generally, they are not expensive and the style of these cabinets is limited.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

These types of cabinets are manufactured on the order. They are slightly different from stock cabinets in terms of style, color, function, and quality of the construction.

These types of cabinets have accessories that you will not find in stock cabinets. Accessories like glass inserts made for cabinet doors, pull out shelves, and moldings are available.

Bishop cabinets supply semi-custom cabinets for most of the remodeling projects.

Full-Custom Cabinets    

The full-custom cabinet is best in design and gives your kitchen the best look which you are looking for.

They are cabinets of, especially when they are designed for irregularly shaped spaces.

Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry is the manufacturer of Full-Custom cabinets. They are renowned for quality work as they have the best craftsman with superior work experience.

Types of Cabinets

Construction of cabinets is done in two ways:

Face-Frame Construction

The cabinet box is attached to the solid wood frame in the Face-Frame cabinet. You can keep hinges hidden or you can keep it exposed. The openings of the door are overlapped by the frame so that the drawers and pullout inserts are smaller than the width of the cabinet.

Using Face-framed cabinets, we can use overlay or inset cabinets.

Frameless Construction

The contemporary cabinet style is all about frameless construction. Space is more inside the cabinets in frameless construction. Door hinges are invisible as the installation is done inside the cabinets.

Looking for cabinet features

While selecting cabinets for your kitchen, you will surely look for function, style, quality, and durability. Here are the eight features which you are supposed to look before selecting cabinets:

Strong and robust construction

You should select cabinets made up of face frames of solid wood, door fronts, door frames as well as drawers. Hight quality cabinets have plywood sides and cabinet box has rear panels. If installed properly, then particle board boxes are the best option.

Drawers and wood pullouts

Quality of the cabinets of High quality is that the drawers are made of solid wood. They can be of plywood and thick at least half inch. Dovetailed and dowelled joints are the best in comparison with glued and stapled joints as they are not durable. If your budget is good, then you can go for self-closing drawers or drawers which has full extension glides.


Adjustable shelves should be there with wall cabinets. You should consider the option when selecting shelves for lower cabinets. As we know that Fixed shelves are good, but pullout trays are a better option as they increase the size for keeping items.


You are supposed to observe keenly the way door and drawers open if you are going to visit a kitchen accessory shop with your contractor. You should take care that the doors, as well as drawers, are opening without any hindrance like wobbling and sticking.


The accessories of the cabinet will help you in improving the organization. You will be able to access drawers as well as cupboards. Such accessories are available in the market which can fit easily to their cabinets. They are designed specifically by cabinet makers so that they may fit easily. Some of the popular accessories are pullout trash bins, shelves, drawer dividers, and carousels.


You are required to choose the knobs and pulls of the cabinets which can fit according to the design of the cabinets you have selected. You can select them for a function or soft maintenance or universal design feature.

Besides knobs and pulls, users are supposed to purchase hinges as well as glides. You can choose “soft close” hinges for the cabinets where glassware is kept and soft-close glide for drawers.


Better options available for finishes like painted wood cabinets. Cabinets can be stained, glazed, distressed, crackle and antique.


As a customer, you are supposed to refer the manufacturer’s brochure for guarantee and warranty of the product.

You can look for more kitchen cabinet designs and ideas on our website. Catalogues are here for hardware samples and products display.  These are some of the remodeling hacks which you can apply for your kitchen. Your kitchen will shine and look beautiful if you follow the above points solemnly.

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