Rental Boilers As A Quick Temporary Solution in Steam Production

Oct 19, 2020 5:30 AM ET

Oct 19, 2020 1:30 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Oct 19, 2020

There are many industries today that rely on stream production like food processing, textile, construction, paper, and sugar refineries, to name a few. As there are many applications of how boilers are used, it just clearly shows that there will be an expected increase in demand at one point. How do these different companies from various industries survive a peak season, which demands an increase in steam production supply?

As other options can satisfy the increasing demand for steam production, rental boilers seem to be the most effective option. And many companies rely on getting an extra supply of boilers through renting rather than purchasing a new one. Many companies practice this practical solution. However, a question lies about what it implies and why renting is a much better option.

Before we jump into answering those questions, let us first learn what a boiler is and its role in various industries.

What is a boiler? 

A steam generator is just a fancy word for a boiler. Technically, it is a device that is used to create steam through transferring heat energy to the water. A boiler or a steam generator is used to power different applications where steam or hot steam is required.

This means that a boiler is used as a power generator to produce electricity when it comes to energy businesses. Furthermore, it can also be used in heating, cooling, cleaning, humidification, and production processes.

What are the industries that use boilers?

Various industries heavily rely on their production to boilers. In a cement manufacturing company, they utilize a steam boiler to generate steam that is used to power up different types of steam turbines, which also further drive various types of pump compressors. This process is also applicable in industries like food processing, textile, dairies, chemical power plants, and metal forging industries.

Thermal power plants also utilize steam production. Steam energy is released to power up and enables the mechanical work in the turbines, which is later converted to electrical energy.

If boilers or steam generators are so efficient, why do many companies opt for a rental boiler rather than getting a new one?

There are various reasons why many companies choose to rent a boiler rather than purchasing a brand new one. But we have only listed the topmost and convincing reasons why.

Rental boilers are immediately available

One advantage of a rental boiler is that it is immediately available when needed. What you don’t know is that purchasing a brand new steam generator takes time as it needs to be tailored according to its usage. Buying a brand new steam generator is not a practical decision most especially if you only need it at times where there is an exceeding demand for steam supply.

You must know that new firetube boilers take about 12 to 16 weeks to be manufactured while water tube boilers take at least 32 weeks. This long lead time is not time efficient as the need for an immediate boiler is urgent.

Minimize expenditures

Businesses rely on their revenue, and an additional expense, like getting brand new equipment is totally out of the picture. Boilers are expensive equipment. Aside from it, the extensive planning leads to having a long lead time, which is not viable.

getting a rental boiler minimizes your expenses.

Since rental boilers are immediately available, there is no need to halt any production or stop any of your operations. You can continue seamlessly without breaking your budget and hampering your capital.

Rental boilers save you money

Many rental companies nowadays offer alternative financing when it comes to renting their products. When purchasing brand new equipment is indeed expensive, other rental companies allow their customers to choose better payment options that suit their client preference.

For instance, some options would enable a company to rent the equipment through installment purchase. This means a rental boiler can be set up as a lease, and at the end of the contract, the company has an option to purchase the equipment.

This is very efficient as the company can now test-drive the equipment and decide at the end of the rental period if it’s worth the expense.

Boiler or steam generator beyond its traditional usage

Even with the traditional process remaining, many boiler manufacturers discover the great application of modern technological advancement and take the chance to use boilers in a whole different manner. It can adapt to changes, and amazingly it can now power up theme parks to skyscrapers and other multi-million dollar corporations.


Rental boilers are efficient power generator equipment, but also expensive and require intensive manufacturing planning. That is why rental boilers become an easy option to choose from. However, rental boilers are not just a quick solution to meet the increasing demand for steam production of a company or a power plant. It also provides advantages that many company owners look for when it comes to renting especially heavy equipment as such.