Reports From Voyager 2 Claims Uranus Is Leaking Gas Into The Space

Mar 28, 2020 8:21 PM ET

Many years before, Voyager 2 spacecraft was launched so that it could explore the hidden secrets of Uranus. Since then, this shuttle is busy exploring Uranus’ secrets including some important facts about its inner and outer surface.

Uranus is a gas giant as it contains an abundant amount of gases in its atmosphere. Recently, while exploring Uranus, Voyager 2 gave out some data that revealed something important about this gas giant.

The planetary experts discovered that the shuttle entered into a cloud of charged gas, which is known as plasmoid in technical terms. While the vulnerability to the plasmoid was only for a short period of time qs it lasted for less than a minute, but it was clearly prominent enough to be recognized by planetary experts.

At first sight, the original source of the gas blob was quite difficult to locate, but the planetary experts somehow tried to locate it. The blob showed a particular form of the intrinsic magnetic field. As per the reports, this field tends to be present when the planets release some of the gases of their atmosphere into space.

As per the sources and the data received, the experts consider that the Uranus has so far lost up to 55% of its atmosphere because of the gases it is leaking gas into space. This is not the first time as similar plasmoids were noticed across the solar system in the case of Saturn and Jupiter.

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