Restaurant Email Marketing: Save time and budget with A/B testing

Feb 12, 2021 4:20 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 12, 2021  11:20 AM ET

Why you should test email content before launching campaign

The pandemic has hit all the segments. Such food industry enterprises as cafes and restaurants were affected most. Due to the imposed restrictions, visitors were prohibited from spending time there, so the organizations suffered huge losses.

Their main income source was finished products delivery. Not to lose regular customers, companies had to develop an efficient marketing strategy. The one that makes it possible to inform the target audience about the current work opportunities – placing online orders and other ways to receive goods without visiting the organization.

Since the quarantine had been imposed, users received a huge number of email newsletters. Some proved to be more efficient and resulted in further cooperation, while others did not. To find the best working method, one should turn to A/B testing. This can be easily done by Atompark company. The testing will help to check whether the chosen strategy is efficient or not and not lose regular customers.

What restaurant A/B testing looks like

Before creating bulk emails, you should specify the target audience the mailout will be targeted at. Your subscribers can leave their contact details themselves. If this is not the case, use an which will enable you to create a contact database.

Then, you should define the testing fields and choose the most successful marketing strategy afterwards.

  1. The subject and preview text. The letter subject forms the first impression from the mailout. Will users feel like reading further if they see an intriguing subject? During the pandemic, many companies stuck to the COVID-19 subject. To make readers pay attention to your letter, you should invent a more uncommon subject line.
  2. Mailout frequency. The customers interested in a particular company will be happy to read letters from the brand. To determine the optimal mailout frequency, you should carry out A/B testing. Thus, users will stay up to date with your news, but they won’t get tired of your emails.
  3. Severity of newsletters. Sometimes, you need to convey an important message, and marketers tend to choose a business style for it. Users will perceive your letter better if you use everyday language.

For restaurant email marketing, well-timed testing is extremely important. A wrong strategy can result in decreasing customer interest. To make regular customers continue placing orders, they need to know how you work and what delivery methods you offer.

You can complement your mailout with small images or videos that will be interesting to users. The visual effects testing will make it possible to find out whether it is convenient for customers to highlight important information from your newsletters or not.