Richard Gurewitsch Develops New Service to Help Caribbean & Central American Countries During Crisis

Jul 17, 2020 4:10 PM ET

During COVID-19, Richard Gurewitsch Put His Entrepreneurial Skills to Work to Create a New Service Aiding People in Caribbean and Central American Countries

Helping immigrants and people who live in Latin countries is not anything new for Richard Gurewitsch. In fact, his first and second companies that he founded, LlamaCuba and HaitiPhone, both part of his SBG Network Group LLC, were created just for that purpose. LlamaCuba was developed once communications between Cuba and the United States opened up to each other. Richard Gurewitsch noted that he created this service to serve a sector of the market that has been traditionally under-served. In a similar fashion, HaitiPhone serves a niche market typically overlooked by other telephone platforms, and soon after its creation, the company was able to be on the top tier providers for Haiti as well.

While Richard Gurewitsch has focused on helping the United States and their friends and family back in countries like Haiti and Cuba communicate with one another, his newest venture, ENVIOS305 helps these countries, but in a different kind of fashion. ENVOIS305 was developed in record time by Richard Gurewitsch and his team of engineers as well as his marketing staff to help mitigate the effects of economic devastation in Cuba and other Caribbean and Central American countries during this global pandemic and trying time.

Unlike LlamaCuba or HaitiPhone, the purpose of ENVOIS305 isn’t necessarily communication, but rather, it is focused on delivering products and food to these Latin countries based on their needs. The company offers many products, including, but not limited to:

Non-perishable food
Meat grinder
Water cooler
Coffee maker
Meat slicer
Food processor
Air conditioners
Air fryer
And much, much more!

These items come shipped from Panama with a very fast turnaround time. Over the last few months since ENVIOS305 was created, they have grown exponentially. Due to their rapid growth, Richard Gurewitsch has noted that they have had to duplicate their full-time associates in their call center and administration online to accommodate their ever-growing, increasing demand.

“Being an immigrant myself, I always aim to help people in less fortunate countries, especially people from Caribbean and Central American countries. When COVID-19 struck our world, I knew that there was more I could do to pivot my regular services and help these countries in a new way. I am proud of what ENVIOS305 does to provide these countries with the essentials they need, and will continue to need even after the coronavirus is not our globe’s biggest issue,” says Richard Gurewitsch.

This newest venture from Richard Gurewitsch is extremely helpful for people living in these countries, and it comes as no surprise that Richard Gurewitsch and his talented team were able to create such a life-changing company for those in need.


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