Richard Gurewitsch’s HolidaysCaribe Becomes Popular Travel Booker

Mar 16, 2020 6:05 PM ET

HolidaysCaribe, Richard Gurewitsch’s Cuban and Caribbean Travel Company, Secures Bookings With Other Major Travel Websites

Richard Gurewitsch, CEO at LATINPHONE and LLAMACUBA, has a passion for creating companies that celebrate and help out Latin cultures and people. His companies help promote Cuban culture and are aimed to help the lives of people who live in the country or have friends and family there by providing ways for communications and travel to the country. One of Richard Gurewitsch‘s newer companies, HolidaysCaribe, does this as well, yet in a different way than LATINPHONE and LLAMACUBA help out.

HolidaysCaribe’s Mission & Quick Success

HolidaysCaribe, which was opened in 2018, puts an emphasis on assisting people travel to the Caribbean and beyond. The company, based in Miami, Florida with another office in Cancun, Mexico, also has a State of Florida Travel Seller License to offer excellent prices for superb hotel and air tickets around the world. As an immigrant himself, Richard Gurewitsch‘s company established the fundamentals to provide affordable telecommunications and traveling arrangements by partnering with the best airlines and charters available since 2010.

The newer company has already seen great success in its two years since opening. Already, Richard Gurewitsch‘s HolidaysCaribe has become dealers of such popular booking sites such as,,, and, just to name a few.

According to HolidaysCaribe‘s website, they are “committed to serve with excellence our customers by arranging travel to Cuba and most Caribbean destinations through the major US airlines on their scheduled commercial service to the island.” But they do not only offer travel to Cuba and other Caribbean destinations. Some other popular and available destinations that Richard Gurewitsch‘s HolidaysCaribe offers travel to also include London, Tokyo, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, New York, and more.

The company offers helpful advice including any recent and relevant information on traveling to Cuba and what you need to know to figure out who is able to travel there according to the most recent laws. Richard Gurewitsch knows that travel to Cuba can sometimes seem difficult to do, so HolidaysCaribe aims to make it as easy as possible for any Cuban immigrants or people with family or loved ones in Cuba can make the arrangements to travel to the country.

Richard Gurewitsch’s Promise and Focus for Immigrants

As an immigrant himself, Richard Gurewitsch stays committed to focusing on fulfilling the needs of fellow immigrants in all of his companies. He states, “During my entire business career and being an immigrant myself, my focus always was to help undersreved immigrant sectors in the USA and Europe to promote and have affordable access to communicating with their families in the original countries.” HolidaysCaribe follows Richard Gurewitsch‘s mission and hope to help these immigrants with all of their travel needs, and is being recognized as doing so.



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