Rick Hawley of Medford: What Businesses Thrive in the Unique Oregon Market?

Dec 8, 2021 11:30 PM ET

Rick Hawley believes in Oregon and its unique economic future. Times haven’t always been easy in this state over the years, with many challenging struggles impacting the state. But, thankfully, it has bounced back from each of these problems to thrive in unique ways. Understanding these profitable markets can make it easier to choose which option is the best for your needs in this state.


Rick Hawley of Medford Examines Oregon’s Unique Economy

Over the years, Oregon has gone through many different economic movements, each of which has kept it growing. Traditionally, this rugged state relied on agriculture, fishing, and lumber to succeed. During the 1980s, though, these industries struggled. Thankfully, professionals as skilled as Rick Hawley helped to transition the state to different economic sectors, booming in recent years.


The state’s unemployment usually centers around 4-5%, though this rate does decrease during summer seasons. That’s because tourism remains huge throughout the state. The almost staggering natural beauty that keeps people like Rick Hawley of Medford in the state draws in many people throughout the rest of the country. Beautiful mountains, lakes, oceans, and many more transfix visitors and bring them to the state.


Destinations popular throughout the state include its many rivers, waterfalls, and forest. Crater Lake is a unique investment opportunity because properties in and around this area remain in high demand. Similarly, Mount Bachelor and Mount Hood also provide many options for interest investors. Fishing and hunting tours also thrive well in this state, particularly during the appropriate seasons.


That said, specific agricultural fields also remain prominent in the state. For example, Oregon remains the biggest producer of blueberries, raspberries, loganberries, and peppermint in the nation. The state also produces 95% of all the American hazelnuts in the world. Surprisingly, grape and wine production are also significant here, rivaling the French regions of Alsace and Burgundy for volume and quality.


Rick Hawley also points out that Oregon accounts for a significant portion of poultry, eggs, sheep, cattle, and dairy products throughout the nation. Likewise, the state’s salmon production is one of the biggest in the world, though other fishery markets have declined in the state. That said, ocean perch, tuna, flounder, and much more are all produced and harvested throughout this state’s fisheries.


Lastly, the state still does produce around 4,000 million board feet of softwood every year and still provides approximately 10% of the nation’s total wood production. Unfortunately, the forestry market remains in decline in general. Over-harvesting has made it harder to keep up with demand, as has a growing shift towards more specialized production methods. However, improved tree replacement processes and an increase in sustainable growth may help this industry rebound.

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