Roddy Reef Highlights Incredible Work of Active 20-30 International

Aug 27, 2020 6:05 PM ET

Philanthropic construction manager Roddy Reef showcases the work of international service club, Active 20-30.

Founded in 1922, Active 20-30 International is focused on supporting the world’s children and helping to develop crucial leadership skills in a new generation of young adults. The organization’s U.S and Canada arm, which now has more than 50 local chapters, is supported by charitable and philanthropic individuals such as Roddy Reef, a successful construction manager from Colorado, who here reveals more about the incredible work undertaken by the global initiative.

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“Active 20-30 is a global initiative which operates under the Active 20-30 International umbrella,” explains Roddy Reef. In the United States and Canada, the organization is widely referred to simply as the Active 20-30 Club, he goes on to point out, and supports kids and young adults through chapters located in his home city of Denver, plus Glendale, Greater Sacramento, Napa, Phoenix, Redding, Scottsdale, Tucson, and elsewhere across North America. In Hispanic America, meanwhile, the same group is known as Activo 20-30 Internacional, according to Reef, where it boasts a further 60 or more chapters.

Both the Active 20-30 Club of North America, Roddy Reef says, and Activo 20-30 Internacional form part of a global group known as the WOCO Foundation. “The WOCO Foundation,” the construction manager reveals, “is a collective international commitment to a socially better future.”

The international foundation’s goal, it says, is to enable more than one million children and their families to live and enjoy a better life. Active 20-30 International’s own goal, at the same time, Roddy Reef reports, is to provide young adults with a wealth of opportunities both now and in the future. “Active 20-30 International’s mission statement,” he adds, “reads, ‘Providing young adults with an opportunity for personal growth, friendship and leadership development while improving the quality of life for the special needs children in our community.’”

Outside of his construction industry work and other philanthropic efforts, Roddy Reef has lent considerable support to the organization, including arranging regular events such as polo matches and popular local duck races. In the latter instance, his chapter of the Active 20-30 Club aims to raise much-needed funds for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver.

Just two of numerous other charities supported by Roddy Reef, his local Boys & Girls Clubs provide kids with opportunities that help them grow, much like Active 20-30, but, in this instance, also specifically to achieve academic success, and to take charge of their health.

Further charities and good causes generously backed by Roddy Reef and his family include the Shining Stars Foundation, a Colorado-based nonprofit that provides recreational programs for children living with cancer, and Project Angel Heart. Project Angel Heart, which is sponsored by Reef and his wife, prepares and delivers medically tailored meals to individuals living with life-threatening illnesses in Denver and Colorado Springs.

In addition to his organizational efforts with the Active 20-30 Club of Denver, Roddy Reef has also sponsored a number of other charitable events—including a popular golf tournament held to raise awareness and support surrounding traumatic brain injuries—and is a proud member of a local volunteer ski patrol in his spare time.


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