Role of social media for the growth of small businesses?

Nov 17, 2020 4:49 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 17, 2020  11:49 AM ET

In 2020 it is nearly impossible to start a business without considering digital marketing. For the power-packed support in digital marketing, social media is imperative. This article is all about the impacts of social media on the growth of small businesses.

Here we will discuss the following aspects of social media for small businesses.

  • Increase in awareness and inquiries.
  • Enhanced relationship with the customers.
  • Promotion and advertisement.
  • Establishing a brand through social media.

Once someone has made a social media business page, he gets directly engaged with 3 billion people. According to Sherpa marketing, almost 80-85% of people on social media follow at least one small business.Remember, the public is not a fool; they are all smart enough to follow businesses more than celebrities.

Avail social media, yeah, because ignoring social media today is a total loss. It is undoubtedly an opportunity for those who want to start a new brand. Who wants to miss out on the most effective and inexpensive way to engage with almost half the world’s population? No one.

1.      Enhance brand awareness.

When you come across a page on social media and get to scroll through it, this interaction of a few seconds enables us to describe the business. That is how quick it is. Almost 60% of Instagram users claim that they find out about new companies through social media.

2.      Humanizing the brand.

Today an 8th-grade student knows that there are people working behind the brands. This awareness has urged people to expect a humanized connection. On Facebook or Instagram, there are very simple solutions to present the CEOs.

A smart businessman will always schedule a live session with all the followers. This way, a businessman would understand the new launches’ demand and gather some reviews regarding the older ones. They can also consider social media advocacy programs to humanize their brand.

3.      Highlight your business.

Social media is a world of informative and entertaining content. Most people engage with social media to entertain themselves. According to the Pew Research center’s research, every social media account user checks their accounts once a day.

Now, for a smart businessman who wants to promote his brand on social media, content is the key to stay on top. Hire some great content designers who are creative enough to grab people’s attention; this is not it. You may have to justify your content. That is where the company must design a set of instructions for all the people managing social media accounts.

4.      Increasing website traffic.

Social media ads are the most inexpensive way to promote your business. Only for a few bucks, you can introduce your brand to almost every other person on social media. Schedule some blogs related to your brand, publish them on your site, share its link on social media pages.

Promote these posts to increase the traffic on your website. One more thing, do not forget to in all those posts linked to your websites, as highlighted and pinned posts on social media pages.

Another way to make people aware of your website, you can post pictures of products with links. It will help them navigate to the product they love. Like Twitter, some social media sites have an option for #HootChat, sufficient for brand awareness and business visibility.

5.      Boosting sales.

Social media will gradually become an essential platform for product search and commerce. Small businesses can avail of the new social media social sales tools. They only need to set some sales goals through these tools and observe the sales funnel.

Every new contact connecting with your page is a potential customer. Through social media tools, you can easily study this transition. These sales graphs can help new businessmen plan new strategies according to g to the on-going trends.

6.      Collaborate with partners

If a business is currently handling 3M followers through a social media page, and through collaboration, it gets a chance to highlight itself among 8M more, then what can be better than that? On social media sites, there can be two types of collaborators, influencers and relevant brands.

At the initial stages, it is better to collaborate with the influencers. Word of mouth can spread your business up to 50%. Who trusts a new brand the day it is launched? No one. So, to grab people’s attention, it is wiser to contact people and send them your products. Some research by Nielsen, Carat, and YouTube shows that small businesses can grow up to 5 times by collaborating with influencers.

The honest reviews of influencers can help you get the most relevant and interested buyers. All emerging businesses must contact bloggers with a larger audience and create some engaging content with them.

7.      Sourcing content.

Now once a small business has reached the desired sales point, with more than a thousand followers, it is time to upgrade. For a growing business, there are two primary ways to source content on social media platforms.

  • Ask for the User-generated content.

Hashtag trends are very common on social media; why should a small business not use it for increased visibility? Design a contest and ask all your followers to create new posts for that idea. Announce a lucky-draw, and that is how your business will get popular across the world.

  • Sourcing ideas.

Who can guide you better than the customers? Because they are the real stakeholders in your business. Grab this opportunity on social media to extract some great ideas. Create an engaging post and ask your followers to funnel some fantastic suggestions for the brand.

8.      Customer service and support.

Social media platforms are informal shops. People expect these to stay available 24/7. According to Harvard business review research, businesses can lose a lot of customers if they failed to meet these expectations.

Scandals and crises are always a surprise. Social media can be the only platform to stop the fire of scandals effectively.


Starting a business is now very easy on social media. No need to set up a brick and mortar store. All people need to do is learn using social media tools, create engaging content, and understand the followers’ sentiment. If you have a business idea, this is the time to get known. Make your account on social media to engage better, also check topfakeid