RV Expert Bartlow Montgomery Myers Discusses the Future of RV Travel During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Apr 25, 2020 4:00 PM ET

RV expert Bartlow Montgomery Myers explains how RV travel could become more popular as a safe alternative to air travel following the COVID-19 pandemic.

WINDERMERE, FL / APRIL 23, 2020 / The travel industry has changed drastically in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Recreational vehicle experts like Bartlow Montgomery Myers explain that RV travel may be the safe solution for adventuring following the pandemic.

“The fears associated with traveling via cruise ships and airlines are warranted, and they’re likely to last long after the pandemic ends,” Bartlow Montgomery Myers explains. “However, RV travel allows adventurers a safe and comfortable way to get from Point A to Point B.”




Bartlow Montgomery Myers says those who want to travel are going to do what they can to get out and see the country, and RV travel is one of the safest ways to do so. In addition to avoiding cramped airplanes and cruise ships, these travelers will avoid potentially contaminated hotel rooms and more.

Industry experts like Bartlow Montgomery Myers recall that citizens were reluctant to fly for an extended amount of time following 9/11, and the same is expected to happen now. However, this fear will likely extend to all confined spaces, including cruise ships, hotel rooms, and more.

“Recreational vehicles allow people to continue their travels while maintaining the ability to cook their own meals, enjoy plenty of open space, and travel safely solely with those who are in good health,” Bartlow Montgomery Myers says.


He explains that RVs allow travelers to enjoy many of the comforts they may be seeking following a crisis, such as their own comfortable bed, their own trusted cleaning supplies, and more. Bartlow Montgomery Myers says RV travelers can rest assured that the interior of the RV is sanitized, because they’re the ones who sanitize it.

While other travel industries may be struggling following the pandemic, Bartlow Montgomery Myers explains that the RV industry has potential to thrive. However, he agrees with fellow experts that RV travelers more lean more toward boondocking and spacious campgrounds rather than more cramped and crowded ones.

“It’s essential that we all continue to keep our space, even when we think the pandemic has passed,” Bartlow Montgomery Myers says. “Thankfully, the RV lifestyle allows us to keep this space without making us sacrifice the road travel we love so much.”

Bartlow Montgomery Myers explained that RV travelers just need to wait a short amount of time longer until road travel is deemed safe, and the industry can start back up again. He and other RV experts hope for a prosperous and RV-travel-filled remainder of 2020.

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