Sally Hohnberger Discusses How Living a Simple Life Can Improve Happiness

Jun 18, 2021 12:00 PM ET

Sally Hohnberger recently discussed how living a simpler life can improve your overall happiness.

Stress is a major health and happiness issue for many Americans. As life becomes increasingly more hectic, scientists say simplifying your life can actually make you happier. Sally Hohnberger, an expert in simple living, recently discussed how living a simpler life can improve your overall well-being and satisfaction. 

“The United States isn’t even on the list of top 10 happiest countries in the world, and that’s because we’re obsessed with owning so many material things, including money,” Sally Hohnberger said. “We continuously sacrifice our happiness for money or items that we think will bring us happiness.”

Jim Hohnberger and Sally Hohnberger

Sally Hohnberger explained that living a simpler life gives you more time to spend with your thoughts. It’s important to reflect, meditate, and be grateful, and eliminating distractions gives you more time to do this. Similarly, leading a simpler life improves relationships. The less time you spend working to accumulate material items, the more time you have to bond with friends, family, and other loved ones. Even more, quality relationships and friendships can improve mental and physical health. 

“Ironically, living a simpler life can result in more money, and that money will come about in a less stressful way,” Sally Hohnberger said. “You won’t be spending money on expensive material objects or entertainment, so you’ll be able to save that money for more important things, like investments, property, or a home.”

Most importantly, Hohnberger stated that simplifying your life can result in drastically superior health. A 2014 study found a significant link between poor health and acquiring material items. An additional study performed by the University of Sciences in Pennsylvania stated that 90 percent of individuals who made the change to a simpler life had improved health. 

“A simpler life allows you to focus more on the things that truly matter,” Sally Hohnberger said. “All of these material items and screen time deplete our mental clarity. Clutter has been shown to decrease concentration as well as the brain’s ability to process information. An excess of material items and clutter can lead to feelings of anxiety, irritability, and reduced productivity.”

Sally Hohnberger finished by stating that the change to a simpler life doesn’t need to be made in a day. Simply reducing purchasing, cutting down time on social media, and being more conscious of your feelings can result in major physical and mental benefits. The simpler your life becomes, the more improvements you’ll see. 

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