Samuel Zlatarev A Portrait Photographer Redefining the Fine Arts Creativity

Apr 3, 2021 6:00 AM ET

Connecting the world through static images is not a piece of cake. But it tends to be a cakewalk when photography becomes more than a profession. Passion, as what it is. It is the passion that carries you through all the struggles and obstacles. It is the devotion of a photographer that his captured images are not just a piece of fine art photography but communicate through the people. Such is a photographer called Samuel Zlatarev, with impressive characteristics that make everyone believe about Samuel’s love for art and photography.

Born in Bulgaria, Samuel, from his childhood, had many inborn qualities that helped him when he stepped into the world of photography. He is not just an ordinary artist that takes shots to satisfy his clients. But, he always performs his job with a combination of passion and creativity. This creativity contributed Samuel to hone his skills in portrait photography. With the passage of time, portrait photography has become a significant domain that he covers. As soon as Samuel sharpened his portrait photography skills, he gained excellent exposure to the world and considerable success. In the past couple of years, he got many opportunities to work with various clients worldwide, such as the United States, Germany, France, Italy, England, Russia, Bulgaria, and Romania. Many publications of Samuel have been published in several international journals. Also, in the international magazines of the USA, Italy and Switzerland, Samuel’s writings got an appreciable status.

By using his creativity, photographer Samuel Zlatarev enables his camera’s eye to capture beyond a photo’s dimensions. He has the ability to transform the imagination into reality. What seems impossible and challenging to others is complex, exciting, and thrilling for him. Due to his extraordinary expertise, from more than 112K contestants in the 4th International Photography Award, organized by 35awards in 2018, he became one of the world’s top ten portrait photographers in this competition. There is no doubt that to reach the top of his career, Samuel never compromised over the quality of his work and always provided his clients with the ultimate photography experience.

In his early photography career, Samuel started as a junior portrait retoucher for a reputable German retouching company. From the beginning, he got a sense of helping others. As he explored himself while learning and performing portrait and beauty photography, he came to know that he could inspire and help the world through his art. This profound moment served as a launching pad for Samuel. To become an expert in portrait and beauty retouching, he learned many secrets that he has started considering one of the most professional and skilled portrait photographers. As soon as Samuel gained a respected status in portrait and beauty retouching, he passionately started teaching people around the world how to work with Adobe Photoshop and share his portrait retouching secrets of making stunning images. His fine arts have become so famous that whenever people see them either on social media platforms or in person, they can’t resist scrolling down and seeing more and more masterpieces of Samuel Zlatarev.

Samuel has started creating photography courses after getting a lot of appreciation from the world for his classics and fine arts. He has also launched photoshop tutorials as he wants to share his knowledge of photography and portrait photography with the people interested and passionate about portrait and beauty camerawork. Samuel Zlatarev does not stop here; he also creates fine art photography, sold to help and maintain the environment. How? Here is the answer, whenever the fine art prints are bought from the website of Samuel Zlatarev, Samuel guarantees that from the received money, a tree will be planted. This is because Samuel supports the environmental project of One Tree Planted which aims to fight deforestation, all of this reflects the nature-friendly character and environmentalist aspect of Samuel’s personality.

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