San Diego driver goes off of the side of the road and dies. What legal remedy will be most beneficial to the victim’s family?

Feb 18, 2020 6:05 PM ET

Fatal car accidents always cause a number of problems for the family of the victim. However, retaining the right lawyer can help with the process of filing a lawsuit and getting financial help during a difficult time.


Two people die after their car falls off of Old Highway 395

The incident happened when the driver was going southbound on Old Highway 395 near Fallbrook. At some point near the Reche Road intersection T-junction, the driver lost control at about 2 pm. The car then went down an embankment near the edge of the road.

Based on an initial investigation, the California Highway Patrol is reporting that the black Ford vehicle fell down a 30 foot deep ravine after veering off of the west side of the pavement. A 42 year old male and 39 year old female who were inside were ejected from the vehicle due to the impact. They were both pronounced dead on the scene shortly after emergency crews arrived. State police will continue to conduct their investigation to determine an exact cause. At the time of the news report they did not know if drugs or alcohol were a factor.   

Photos from the scene show the frame of the vehicle entirely warped and crushed, where it sat amidst a group of trees after the accident.

The North County Fire Department was the first to arrive on the scene. They used their official twitter account to release statements to the public about the local road closures due to the crash. The California Highway Patrol closed both roads at the intersection for about a half mile in each direction for about four hours while they investigated. The area was cleared and reopened at around 6:30pm that same day.

Fallbrook is located several miles north of the city of San Diego. 


How can lawyers assist after similar accidents?

Even after a fatal car accident lawyers can help a victim’s family in a number of ways. They can review any documentation related to the accident report and insurance claims to determine a course of action. If a motorist is killed due to the fault of another person or business, the attorney can use California’s wrongful death law to file a case against the entity responsible. These lawsuits can claim damages related to a person’s medical treatment, funeral expenses, future lost income, and other amounts tied to non-economic damages for emotional pain and suffering.


Get help as soon as possible after a collision

Lawyers who focus on car accident cases are available in the San Diego metro area. Jeffrey E. Estes and Associates offer free initial consultations to clients throughout southern California.

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