Scott Zack Chiropractor Offers Three Yoga Poses that Compliment Chiropractics In Relieving Back Pain

Aug 12, 2020 8:25 PM ET

Scott Zack Chiropractor suggests these three yoga poses to complement your chiropractic in relieving back pain.

The benefits of yoga and chiropractics have been praised separately for decades. However, most modern chiropractors agree that the two can work hand in hand to relieve back pain. Scott Zack chiropractor recently explained that not only is this combination a healthy one; it’s a successful one too.

“Yoga increases strength, spinal health, and flexibility,” Scott Zack chiropractor said. “Yoga can be used to strengthen and support the muscles around the spine, while chiropractics balance the body through aligning the spine. The two practices work together to create a stronger, more balanced, and more mobile back.”

Scott Zack chiropractor explained that this strengthening and aligning of the spine can create superior relaxation, blood flow, and overall pain management. He added that he recommends a few simple yoga poses to help stretch the back and maintain spinal alignment between your regular chiropractic alignments.

“Child’s pose is one that can be performed comfortably by yogis of all skill levels,” Scott Zack chiropractor said. “I suggest performing this pose at least twice a day, during the morning and before bed at night. Hold the pose long enough to feel a relaxing yet effective stretch.”

Scott Zack chiropractor explained that those who are currently less flexible or more tense may find it difficult to sit in the kneeling position or hold the stretch for a longer period of time. The more regularly you perform this stretch, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

“The upward-facing dog is another ideal yoga pose that is used to improve posture and relieve tightened muscles around the pelvis and spine,” Scott Zack chiropractor said.

Scott Zack chiropractor recommended holding this pose for as long as is comfortable and until the abdominal and back muscles are engaged. The third pose he suggested is known as the cat and cow pose. This is a pose in which you stand on all fours and work through a process of arching the back then scooping the spine downward in the opposite direction. Scott Zack chiropractor explained the cat and cow pose is used to loosen the muscles along the entire back.

“I always suggest performing the cat and cow pose to patients suffering from a sore back between visits,” Scott Zack chiropractor said. “Add it to your regular yoga or stretching routine to relieve tension in the back muscles and reduce short-term or chronic pain.”

Scott Zack chiropractor suggests performing all of the above yoga poses at least twice a day, during your morning and evening stretching routines. He and other expert chiropractors explain that yoga can be used to complement regular chiropractic care and reduce overall back pain.


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