Scott Zack Michigan Chiropractor Discusses the Most Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Feb 5, 2021 11:11 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 5, 2021  6:11 AM ET

Lower back pain is extremely common in adults across the U.S. says Dr. Scott Zack Michigan chiropractor.

This pain is most often caused by repetitive motion and soft tissue injuries. These types of injuries include compression of nerve roots, straining the spinal joints, and damage to vertebral discs. The most common lower back injury is a pulled or torn muscle or ligament. Different types of back pain call for different types of treatment. Read on to learn more about your specific type of back pain and how you can treat it.

Muscle Sprain and Ligament Strain Are the Most Common Cause of Back Pain Says Scott Zack Michigan Expert

When you sprain your lower back, it can happen suddenly as a result of improper movement, or it can build over time from repetitive movements. A strain occurs when the muscles of the lower back stretch too far and become damaged, explains Scott Zack Michigan chiropractor and lower back pain expert. A sprain is the overstretching or tearing of a ligament.

Whether you have a sprain or a strain, the treatment remains the same. Rest, ice, and eventually, stretching and chiropractic alignment can all alleviate pressure on your lower back and reduce your pain.

Lumbar Herniated Discs

The center of your lumbar discs are filled with a jelly-like substance. This substance is made up of proteins that can cause inflammation. If this center breaks through the outer layer of bone, it can put pressure on nearby nerve roots and cause irritation and inflammation that, in turn, cause lower back pain, explains Dr. Scott Zack Michigan chiropractor.

Treating this pain can be difficult because it’s more directly related to your nerves than your muscles. Stretches, exercises, and adjustments can typically help relieve some pain, but you may also want to consider steroid injections or back surgery if necessary.

Back Pain Caused By Trauma

Accidents like car wrecks, falling down stairs, or being tackled can all cause trauma to your spine, muscles, ligaments, and joints. This trauma often becomes chronic pain as your body overcompensates for the pain and strains connected muscles and ligaments. Chiropractic care can help realign your spine and retrain your muscles and ligaments to take back their appropriate places says Scott Zack Michigan chiropractor.

However, after a major fracture or dislocation, you should be extremely careful with your spine. Gentle adjustments and lots of stretching are likely the best places to start. Always be sure to tell your chiropractor about any accident or trauma your body has been through so they can adjust their approach accordingly.