Scott Zack Showcases Extensive Sporting Prowess on Display Across Michigan

May 19, 2020 6:40 PM ET

Michigan businessman Scott Zack shines a spotlight on the incredible sporting landscape of the Great Lake State.

Home to more than 50 professional sports teams across a variety of sports and leagues, Michigan has been, and remains, the base for a huge host of basketball, hockey, baseball, and football teams—plus more—since the 1800s. Delving into what’s on offer for sports fans in the so-called Great Lake State, Scott Zack showcases just a small slice of the incredible sporting prowess on display throughout Michigan.

“Michigan is currently home to a total of more than 50 professional sports teams from Battle Creek to Kalamazoo, and from Grand Rapids to Detroit,” reveals Scott Zack, a lifelong sports fan speaking from his office in West Bloomfield, Michigan, around 25 miles from Downtown Detroit.

Downtown Detroit, businessman Scott Zack goes on to share, is also somewhat unique in the sporting world, not just in Michigan, but nationwide. “Detroit is home to professional teams representing all four of North America’s major sports—basketball, baseball, football, and hockey—each of which has its base within the city limits,” says Zack.

“More interesting still, all four also play immediately within the city’s downtown district,” he goes on, “an accolade unique to Detroit – the only U.S. city where this happens to be the case.”

Detroit itself is home to the Detroit Tigers Major League Baseball team at Comerica Park and the Detroit Lions National Football League team at Ford Field. “It’s also home to the Detroit Red Wings National Hockey League team and the Detroit Pistons, our National Basketball Association team, both of which are based at Little Caesars Arena,” adds local businessman and sports fan Scott Zack.

Detroit metropolitan area entrepreneur Scott Zack has previously spoken at length about various aspects of sport in the city, including the latest plans for play to resume at Comerica Park amid the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to current baseball, football, hockey, and basketball teams ranging from the Battle Creek Bombers to the Lansing Capitals, Michigan has also played host to a further 50 or more now-former professional teams.

Beyond baseball, basketball, hockey, and football, across past and present major league, professional, and semi-professional teams, as a state, Michigan has also made a name for itself in sports including roller derby, soccer, and ultimate frisbee. “Right now, Michigan’s only ultimate frisbee team, the Detroit Mechanix, plays in the American Ultimate Disc League alongside seven other charter teams,” Scott Zack points out.

Among Michigan’s first-ever professional sports teams, meanwhile, was the Detroit Wolverines. The now-disbanded baseball team played in the National League from 1881 until 1888, according to Scott Zack. “The Detroit Wolverines disbanded following the 1888 National League season, but not before becoming both the league and World Series champions in 1887,” he reveals.

“With over 100 past and present professional teams across the state, Michigan’s sporting prowess, I believe,” adds Scott Zack, wrapping up, “should be celebrated, and is truly something to be proud of.”

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