Selena Gomez Revealed Details About Her Bipolar Disorder To Miley Cyrus

Apr 5, 2020 4:20 PM ET

The pop sensation Selena Gomez revealed to Miley Cyrus that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The 27-year-old told this to Cyrus on Instagram on the latter’s series ‘Bright Minded’.

Selena even informed that she had even experienced issues of mental health cases in her own home as well. She went to a mental hospital where she too got diagnosed with the same but it gave her the strength to fight with it rather than getting scared because of it.

Selena Even Revealed Details Of Her Kidney Transplant

All of us also know that Selena Gomez had even got her kidney transplant which was very necessary for her overall health. The singer further added that she was suffering from mental health for a long time and decided to meet a psychiatrist in Massachusetts.

The singer instead is finding out more about the disorder and gaining knowledge. The actress even took a career break in 2016 due to panic attacks, depression and anxiety as a result of bipolar disorder. Bipolar Disorder is basically frequent changes in mood swings and lack of energy.

It is estimated that around 10-20 % of the world’s population is suffering from bipolar disorder. Both Miley and Selena even reached out to their fans to maintain self-care and maintain a good and healthy lifestyle, especially during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

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