Selling Your Pittsburgh Home During or Post Coronavirus Pandemic

Jul 21, 2020 2:15 PM ET

Selling a house can be already be a difficult task not to mention time consuming. Selling Your Pittsburgh Home During And Post Coronavirus Pandemic can add a bunch of a difficult factors that we have not been subject to before.  With the future of the virus uncertain, many Pittsburgh property owners are considering liquidating rental properties and other property’s they own to give themselves some breathing room. Listed below are some suggests keeping in mind if you are considering selling your property during or post coronavirus outbreak.

Condition of The Property You Are Considering Selling

The number of people that are catching the coronavirus in western Pennsylvania is fluctuating up and down in depending on the day of the week. If you do decide to go the conventional way of home selling with a realtor will you be able to get a contractor to complete the repairs the potential buyer wants completed to close on the sale. Now that many contracting trades are allowed to work are the quotes being provided higher than normal? Chances are you will be in a hurry to have any repairs made and will end up pay significantly more than before.

Living Arrangements After The Sale

With many property owners electing not to list their properties on the market, you have to consider this as a factor if you are currently living in the property you are liquidating. In addition, if you do not already have a new place to live lined up, you will be putting yourself in a position to have to locate something quickly during the coronavirus outbreak. But if you are utilizing we buy houses Pittsburgh company they usually accommodate your timeline within reason and some even provide moving incentives.

Selling Your House To Cash For Homes Pittsburgh

Cash For Homes Pittsburgh has designed a simple process allowing western Pennsylvania homeowners to sell their house quickly without the added stress of paying commissions and having to worry about showing their property during /post coronavirus outbreak. The process is consisted of 3 steps,

Step 1: Contact Cash For Homes Pittsburgh on their website ( or by phone (412-301-7887)

Step 2: Set up a time for them to quickly inspect the property and sign paperwork digitally.

Step 3: Close on the property and collect your cash.

According to a spokesperson from the company, “Customers haves really enjoyed having a super simple process during the coronavirus outbreak. We are purchasing around 20 properties a month and have practiced proper social distancing polices.  Our company has worked hard to make property owners feel safe and has maintained a high customer satisfaction rate.”

The company provides homeowners with a different option from taking the traditional home selling process. Property owners save money from no real estate commissions and do not run the risk of catching the coronavirus. They purchase all homes in “As-Is” condition and do not require the sellers to clean the property out. Cash For Homes Pittsburgh provides all homeowners with a free no-obligation fair cash offer that is based off the condition of their home and market value.

About Cash For Homes Pittsburgh

Cash For Homes Pittsburgh is a property solutions company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that buys and sells properties. They are a veteran/family owned business that takes pride in offering customers a a viable solution that are searching, “sell my house fast Pittsburgh.”


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