Seven Injured in an Accident Involving a School Bus in Arkansas

Mar 9, 2020 10:05 PM ET

Seven students suffered injuries in an Arkansas crash on Feb. 21st, 2020 that involved a school bus. According to Arkansas State Police, the accident occurred on Highway 63 near Bono. Superintendent Terry Belcher informed the media that the bus was carrying 19 persons, out of which seven were injured and had to be moved to the hospital.


Injuries to the Neck, Back and Knee

The victims, who were headed for a vocational class at Jonesboro High School, complained of back, neck, and knee injuries. The bus, which belonged to Lawrence County School District Walnut Ridge, was damaged in the accident, as seen in the images from the accident scene.

Early details of the accident revealed that the bus had hit a commercial carrier trailer. Investigating state troopers informed that the injuries to the victims were not believed to be life threatening.

It was the second accident in 2020 that involved a Lawrence County school bus. In January, a collision between a dump truck and a Hoxie School District bus and various other vehicles had resulted in injuries to nine persons, including seven kids.

Victims of these injuries should speak to a competent school bus accident attorney in Arkansas to evaluate their claim for compensation.


Bus Crash Injuries can be Devastating

Buses in Arkansas do not include safety features that are standard in cars, such as airbags or seatbelts (this is not uncommon though). The risk of rollovers is higher because busses are top heavy – they have to slow down considerably when taking turns. These issues can contribute to serious injuries and even fatalities in bus accidents.

The treatment costs for recovery from a bus crash can be much more than what most victims can afford. It is best to consult with a seasoned city bus accident lawyer in Arkansas, who can help the injured person obtain maximum damages to cover their present and future medical costs, loss of income, and even compensate for their pain and suffering.


Types of Bus Crash Injuries

Head injuries and traumatic brain injury are among the most serious injuries that may occur in an Arkansas bus accident. If a passenger hits their head in a bus crash, it can cause concussions.

Whiplash injuries are also common in bus accidents. The sudden jerk to the neck occurring from a crash may cause a whiplash. Signs of whiplash injury include a stiff neck, headaches, dizziness, and difficulties in sleeping. Fractures and broken bones, especially in the arms or legs may occur in a bus accident.

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