Several Ways to Save Money on Printer Ink

Mar 22, 2021 2:09 PM ET

One of the most commonly searched things is ‘how to get cheap printer ink’. The reason for this is because so many consumers spend far too much on purchasing genuine ink that runs out quickly and leaves them feeling let down and disappointed. If you have ever felt this way, then it is time to try something new and we have the perfect answer for you! Take a moment to read our advice and get the best printer ink for your machine without spending too much cash.

Stop Paying Full Price for Genuine Ink

The first thing you must do if you want to save money is stop paying full price for genuine ink cartridges! So many of us feel compelled to buy these cartridges because we have been conditioned to believe that they are the only viable option if we want to keep our printers in good working order.

However, if you are tempted to continue paying full price then it is time to stop and consider how these companies come up with their pricing structures! For example, genuine ink is priced so highly because printer companies sell their printers at cost price and recover their losses by hiking up printer ink prices. Also, genuine ink prices include the cost of expensive ad campaigns. All these costs add up and result in you paying more than you should each time.

Use Multi-Buys and Bulking Buying to Save

If you are keen to continue using genuine ink and cannot be swayed to try something new, at least take the time to shop around and find yourself a good deal instead! Multi-buys sometimes become available and other stores offer bulk buying discounts that have the potential to save you a lot of cash.

The best way to get these deals is to shops round and search on each store’s website to see what their pricing looks like. It may take a bit of time but this will be worth it when you start saving cash.

Head Online to See What is Available

For the savviest buyers, replacement ink is the way to go! Not only is this ink far better than it being when replacement ink first came out, it can save you up to 75% of the costs that you are currently spending!

It’s true that you will need to shop around to find the best supplier but there are some easy pointers to help you out. Make sure the supplier makes the bulk of their money from selling printer ink – this means that they will need to impress you enough to make you want to return. Also check out their customer service – if it is good then the ink is probably going to be great too!

Try a Specialist Ink Service and Never Look Back

If you are ready to save some cash and want to get the best possible deal on your ink then it is time to head over to a specialist supplier like Smart Ink – click here and check out their amazing range!

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