Shaun Michael Sabia Discusses Finding Additional Income in a Difficult Economy

Jun 13, 2020 6:20 PM ET

Shaun Michael Sabia discusses his experience finding additional income in today’s difficult economy.

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL / The economy in the United States, and countless countries around the world is in turmoil. The coronavirus pandemic swiftly shuttered businesses and put a considerable percentage of the population on unemployment. While some simply sat in front of the TV waiting for businesses to open and employment opportunities to arise, others sought their own means of earning an additional income. Shaun Michael Sabia is one of the latter.

“Some people have viewed the pandemic as a time to relax at home and catch up on Netflix series, which is 100-percent understandable,” Shaun Michael Sabia said. “However, I saw it as a time to learn something new and put that knowledge toward earning an income from home.”

Sabia knew earning an income online wasn’t going to be as easy, and it would require considerable effort on his part. He described that he started by Google searching the numerous ways it is possible to earn an income online, in the comfort of your home. Some examples he found ranged from day trading in the stock market and data entry to selling old clothes on eBay. Stock market trading felt risky, data entry only paid about $2 per hour, and he didn’t have much clothing to sell.

“I was feeling pretty discouraged at first. None of the options for working online sounded worthwhile unless I went back to college and sought another degree,” Shaun Michael Sabia said. “Then, I found Kevin David’s videos, and I felt like I had finally discovered some viable options.

Who Is Kevin David?

Sabia explained that Kevin David is a former Facebook employee and self-made success who was determined to make a legitimate and substantial living online. The video below offers a bit more information about Kevin David and provides true testimonies from Kevin David’s students and followers.

How Can Kevin David Help?

Through his other videos, Kevin David provides numerous ideas and options for making money online. However, one of his most popular and successful routes is through starting an Amazon FBA. Through the Amazon FBA program, owners send their products to Amazon, where they are stored safely in one of many warehouses until they are sold. Amazon handles all of the inventory taking, payment, and customer service.

Kevin David offers several courses on how to create an Amazon FBA and make money doing it. Shaun Michael Sabia, like countless other skeptics, first assumed Kevin David was simply an experienced salesman able to sell courses that may not actually help someone make a living. However, after reading countless reviews and watching numerous videos, he too was convinced Kevin David’s help may actually be worth it.

The following is one of the many videos Sabia viewed before making the decision to pay for one of Kevin David’s courses:

Is Kevin David Legitimate?

The above-mentioned video offers an honest opinion of Kevin David’s famed Amazon Ninja course, which is available for the not-so-low price of $1,000. The reviewer explains the difficulty of choosing a solid product. However, he explains that the course is highly effective and that Kevin David will personally reply to comments and questions to guide you through the course. He also states that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme; rather an honest and legitimate way to make money online. The reward doesn’t come without putting in plenty of time and energy.

What’s Next?

Shaun Sabia reviewed countless videos online before choosing Kevin David as his teacher. He’s currently working on creating a successful Amazon FBA business model. Sabia suggests others interested in starting an Amazon FBA watch reviews of Kevin David’s course online as well as Kevin David’s numerous free webinars before committing.

The following video on what it actually takes to start an Amazon FBA in 2020, can clue you into what you’ll need to get started.

Other Online Income Options

Shaun Sabia also stated that he understands creating an Amazon FBA may not be for everyone. Thankfully, Kevin David’s expertise isn’t solely in creating FBAs. Through his videos, he offers numerous other legitimate options for making money online. Ones that are much more reliable than selling your gently-used clothing or entering data for pennies.

The following video by Kevin David offers seven legitimate ways to make more than $100 per day online.

 Shaun Michael Sabia described that all of the time spent confined to his home throughout the coronavirus pandemic and watching his bank account dwindle led him to search for other income streams. He stated that Kevin David’s videos or courses may not be for everyone, but they’re working for him, and he looks forward to making more money online throughout the remainder of 2020, and beyond.


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