Shavon Dion Bethel demonstrates importance of time freedom

Sep 13, 2021 2:00 PM ET

Shavon Bethel explains what he values the most in a successful and fruitful work environment.

Shavon Dion Bethel from the Bahamas recognized his focus on honesty, integrity, and respect, Bethel is also a longstanding advocate for workplace values. Perhaps chief among these, he explains, is the importance of time freedom.

“In addition to a workplace that’s well-structured and fast-paced, I believe firmly in flexibility,” reveals Shavon Dion Bethel, speaking from the beautiful island of Nassau, Bahamas, “and the importance of time freedom.”


Shavon Dion Bethel talks about time freedom


Time freedom, Bethel goes on to explain, revolves around the ability for individuals to set their own schedules and plan how, when, and where they do their work. “Often, the best work is done on a flexible basis,” he suggests, “and not when set to an unnecessarily restrictive schedule.”

In addition to all-important time freedom, Shavon Bethel has also long championed a number of further workplace values that he believes are similarly crucial. Among other values promoted by the Nassau-based business-minded man are learning and structure. “Work should always be intellectually challenging to a person,” suggests Bethel, “with a focus on continued learning at every step.”

“Equally, while time freedom and flexibility are essential, so is an underlying degree of structure, and work must always be organized and backed up by an appropriate deadline,” he points out. By taking this approach, Bethel further believes that increased earning potential is achievable across the board.

At the same time, things like allowances and space for quiet and contemplation in a workplace itself are a must, Bethel reports. “It’s about striking a balance,” he adds, “starting with structure and ending with vital time freedom as a direct result.”

Shavon Dion Bethel advocates power of positive thinking

Despite his business mind, Shavon Bethel isn’t only focused strictly on conventional workplace values. Bethel is also a passionate advocate for the power of positive thinking. “Positive thinking or positive mental attitude is not only crucial for professional success,” explains the Nassau resident, “but for overall well-being, too.”

Bethel continues to regard positive thinking as a major contributing factor in his own success. It’s this positive, honest, and respectful approach to life and both personal and professional integrity that have, together, recently seen him look to pursue one or more potential new avenues in his career.

Outside of his work, Shavon Dion Bethel is an avid churchgoer and believes in putting God first above all else. Currently, he is looking into entering the world of professional counseling or church ministry. “Right now, I’m currently pursuing studies in theology,” Bethel reveals.

“Elsewhere, I continue to volunteer for a wide range of charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes,” he adds, wrapping up, “and regularly take part in various community involvement projects here in the Bahamas and hopefully around the world.”

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