Shawn Stumpf Examines Why Fishing is an Important Skill to Learn in 2021

Feb 17, 2021 7:06 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 17, 2021  2:06 AM ET

Shawn Stumpf has recently been discussing the importance of fishing and how this hobby can help calm the mind and relax the body. And in our tension-filled times, he believes that 2021 is the best time for many people to learn about this activity and engage with it as much as possible.

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Why Shawn Stumpf Believes 2021 is the Year to Learn Fishing

Although many people may think of fishing as a tedious activity, Shawn Stumpf disagrees with them. Instead, he would classify it as a relaxing one. Too many people believe that activities have to be action-packed to be worth pursuing. As a result, Shawn Stumpf worries that many people become overstimulated and end up impacting their emotional and intellectual development in devastating ways.

And this problem is one that Shawn Stumpf believes will become an issue in 2021. If 2020 was the year of isolation, 2021 will be a year of further significant changes. People are still going to be stuck away from most of their friends and feeling isolated and lonely. And Shawn Stumpf believes that this pandemic situation’s stress makes the relaxation of fishing an absolute must for many people.

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First of all, Shawn Stumpf believes that fishing is one of the most relaxing experiences a person can undertake. He says that there’s just something about getting out on the lake or standing by a river that calms the mind. This state isn’t accidental: scientists have long found that people are naturally more relaxed when in outdoor environments because their instinctive mind feels more comfortable here.

Put simply – though Shawn Stumpf knows many people may consciously crave being in a big city, their mind unconsciously desires outdoor time. And few experiences place a person in the outdoors quite as impressively as fishing. Shawn Stumpf has found himself standing waist-deep in water, catching fish, and feeling the mud sucking upon his boots all around him.

Shawn Stumpf also believes that fishing can help bridge the gap that has developed in people over the last year or so. As the pandemic gets under better control throughout this year, people will spend more time together. However, they may be out of touch with each other and struggle to connect. Fishing creates a great neutral environment that Shawn Stumpf believes will help bridge this gap.

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For example, Shawn Stumpf believes individuals can get together and enjoy time together while relaxing in a calming environment that decreases anxiety and makes life more comfortable to handle. In particular, families may find this approach beneficial as they may be able to connect as individuals more fully and engage in socialization that goes beyond their initial scope as people.