Shocking!!! 3-Year-Old Helpless Girl Was Found Bleeding After Being Molested by A Youngster

Apr 5, 2020 3:30 PM ET

Shocking!!! 3-Year-Old Helpless Girl Was Found Bleeding After Being Molested by A Youngster

A 20-year-old youth fled after purportedly assaulting a three-year-old girl on Thursday evening in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur region.

In the midst of the common confusion due to the coronavirus pandemic in the nation, a despicable episode has become exposed from the Bharatpur region of Rajasthan where a 20-year-old youth supposedly assaulted a three-year-old girl and fled subsequent to perpetrating the appalling wrongdoing on Thursday evening.

Minor’s folks taken by a stun

The occurrence became visible when the guardians of the survivor returned home at night in the wake of chipping away at the rural field. They were taken by a stun when they saw the minor dying. They promptly moved toward the police and enrolled a protest of assault against the denounced.

Youth assaults minor

As per a report of the News 18, the minor girl was separated from everyone else in her home as her folks went out to deal with the horticultural field on Thursday. One of her aunties lives in the area. At night, the 20-year-old blamed went to her home and started playing with her. After some time, he supposedly assaulted the minor and fled from the spot leaving her dying.

Blamed youth on the loose

The police showed up at the spot and explored the issue. The minor’s clinical assessment was directed to find out assault. The charged, recognized as Rohitansh Jatav, is still everywhere and the police endeavors are in progress to capture him.

Comparable occurrences

In a comparable occurrence, a six-year-old girl was purportedly assaulted and killed by a moderately aged man in Rajasthan’s Tonk region. The man supposedly choked the girl with her school dress’ belt in the wake of submitting the grievous demonstration.

A month ago, in another woeful occurrence, a 10-year-old girl was purportedly assaulted and flung to death from the patio of a two-story working by her neighbor in Chennai. The charged, who used to remain on the subsequent floor, coercively took the girl to his room when she came out of her home in the night to utilize the washroom situated close to the staircase.

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