Significance of Bulk SMS Marketing in a Business

Sep 13, 2019 7:20 AM ET

Previously, marketers used to assume that SMS marketing would be dead very soon. However, it’s still alive today and no matter how much this social media come into the limelight, SMS would stay as long as we can see the existence of mobile phones.

There has been a misinterpretation among people that mobile Marketing usually requires a lot of investments in Mobile apps and other personalised means of communication. However, after research being conducted, it has been found out that SMS marketing actually supports ROI and is far easier perceived than any other mode of communication. Also, it is comparatively inexpensive and efficient.

SMS marketing has become one of the most effective tools of today’s business. Jooksms Bulk text & SMS Messaging Service is one of the most reliable platforms that offer customised packages to meet your business requirements and clients’ demands at ease. Thus, if you too, are one of them who have been looking for a suitable medium to communicate with your customers in a personalized manner, they should be trying this out due to its amazing list of advantages:

Maximise your outreach:

The popularity of SMS has been there since a decade and it is equally in fame even today. With SMS marketing, a company can reach out to any number of people, irrespective of their location and time.

Real time connectivity has been the key:

With SMS marketing, you can generate bulk messages across different geographic locations and demographics. Targeting becomes extremely essential and that’s what you can do with SMS marketing. Thus, connectivity becomes simpler and you can keep in touch with them to generate both real customers as well as attract new ones.

High open rate:

As per the survey reports, it has been found out that the easiest means of reaching out to your audience and that too, within a short span of time is via SMS. It has been seen that 98 percent of the SMS that are sent to people get opened and read in just a time frame of give seconds post the delivery. SMS marketing can be considered as a more reliable and effective source of marketing option in comparison to that of emails which contributes to around 20% ofa Brand’s outreach.

Higher engagement:

There could be people who do not make enough time to be online. However, with SMS marketing, you do not need to connect yourself via data and thus, assure better engagement since whoever has got a mobile phone can avail to your service and know about your brand.

High Conversion Rate:

SMS has got all the potential to generate higher conversion rate in comparison to that of email since there you are more intended to state a generalised text. On the contrary, with a personalized message, you can customize your pitch based on the demographic and the buying pattern or behavior of your recipients, which ultimately has got a great impact on your scopes of conversions.

Convenience of the customers:

SMS makes communication hassle free and convenient. This is probably the reason why e-commerce sites make use of well times SMS alerts to keep customers aware of the pending orders and the latest purchases. Banks, too, have been using SMS Marketing to keep their clients updated about deposits, deductions, withdrawals, and more. SMS gives a quick accessibility to the customers wherein they can fetch all the details via SMS.

Direct and immediate channel:

SMS is one of the most immediate channels through which one can convey his or her messages and thoughts to others. It has been observed that 97% of a read rate within a span of 15 minutes for delivery. Also, 45% of the SMS campaigns are found to generate a successful ROI with popular channels including email and social media.

No matter if you mind opening up your smartphone and access your data, getting an SMS could by far the simplest way through which a brand can reach you! It would hardly take a couple of seconds to receive the text message and open the inbox to check it out or read it!

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