Six Reasons for Using Typography in Your Videos

Jul 14, 2020 2:35 PM ET

Creators and businesses produce innumerable video content on the internet. Diverse as they are, the contents share a similar goal. Each of them is employed to reach their target audience. 

But, only those videos that deliver their intended message most effectively get the audience engagement. A powerful tool like typography can help you learn how to create a video for such effective communication.

In simple terms, the artistic arrangement of texts is called typography. It involves the styling of fonts, appearance, and structure of the texts. As a content creator, you can use this creative technique to enhance your video presentation. But, typography is more than adding texts to your videos. It is better to utilize an online video editor that offers multiple professional features.

The Six reasons provided below may help understand why you should have typography in your videos, whether it is on a social media platform, vlog, blog, or a website.

Absorbing The Content Matter

First and foremost, the content of the video needs to be understood by the audience. When you add texts along with the audio and the video, it acts as a supportive layer. The presentation of the content becomes multidimensional. Strategic use of typography in your content can attract and sustain the audience’s attention. Thus, it engrosses the target audience.

Furthermore, the complexity of a topic can also cause your audio-visual presentation to lack a sense of precision. As a result, the audience may have to struggle hard to comprehend the content. You may add short and crisp text on the video as a summary of the materials. 

From that, the audience can obtain a greater understanding of the subject. Categorizing and organizing the contents via typography can as well be helpful. You may also include texts that highlight the key elements of the content. 

Hence, you should use typography in your videos to assist your audience to grasp the content matter. The engagement of the audience increases when they can absorb the content effortlessly.

Visual Embellishments

Most often, typography has been referred to as a form of art. The creative aspect of typography proves to bring visual embellishments to your content. Taking advantage of the different shapes, types, and colors of typography, you can distinctly embellish your videos from your competitors. 

The usage of moving texts, also known as kinetic typography, can make your video enthralling to watch. 

However, the aesthetic embellishment of your content depends on the proper combination and balance of legibility and style. Rather than presenting your video in a bland static narrative, you can use these typographic techniques to enrich the video screen.  Thereby, embellished video content provides a visual delight for the audience.

Communicating The Spirit

Every content packs a distinctive tone and spirit with it. The creator aims to express those thematic characters to the audience while presenting the narrative. But, failing to communicate the mood can lead to a lifeless video. The audience engagement also decreases significantly. But, using typography, you can convey the intended spirit of your content. 

The texts on the video can provide additional cues for the audience to immerse themselves in the content. Depending on the nature of your content, you can customize the typography on your video. You may choose a minimal design with a simpler font and style in an audio-visual narrative that provides serious information. 

On the other hand, an advertisement for a video game can have glamourous kinetic typography. The inclusion of a variety of typography can serve the content creator as a useful communication tool.

Silent Content Consumption

An audio-visual presentation is not an all-inclusive mode of reaching out to the audience. It certainly has its limitations. While a video can be engaging, it may be unsuitable for watching at a workplace or public transport, causing people disturbances. Therefore, some audiences may choose to watch videos without sound. 

To reach out to such audiences, you can incorporate typography into your videos. The message of your content can be imparted by highlighting the key points via texts. Typography thus helps you as a content creator to reach out to a vast network of audiences.

Promoting Convenience

Passive content consumption is not the goal of any content creator. Videos where the content has multiple directive actions, typography can be of great assistance. 

A pop-up text, along with the audio-visual narrative, helps the audience retain the directive message. For instance, typography on an informational video such as cooking or repairing helps the audience to follow the guidelines with ease. 

When needed, the viewer may also re-watch the footage to track the informational texts instead of searching through the entire presentation. Typography, in this way, promotes convenience to the audience.

Building A Brand Identity

The growth of the content creators into a brand of recognition does not come without any effort. Each content creator needs to develop a harmonious pattern that particularly characterizes his or her label. The creator may incorporate a typographic design into the audio-visual presentations to produce this harmonious effect. 

Maintaining consistency of the typographic design brings clarity and flow across the range of contents. It inculcates a sense of professionalism too. When the audience recognizes this consistency, they feel at home. Consequently, it becomes easier for the content creator to acquire the trust of the audience. In such a way, typography can help facilitate a unique brand identity.


Finally, when you incorporate typography into your videos, your content significantly becomes more informative. As a result, sometimes, it may divert your audience’s attention away from the narrative. Therefore, it is necessary to strike a balance that enhances the audio-visual content creation, yet does not bombard the viewer with unorganized and haphazard information. As a content creator, you may experiment with a variety of creative tools like VideoCreek while adding texts to your videos.

However, regardless of your target audience and the type of business you operate, it is undeniable that typography can positively impact video content and influence audience engagement.


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