Six Things We’re Grateful to Be Able to Do From Our Phones

Nov 30, 2020 5:28 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 30, 2020  12:28 PM ET

Thanksgiving is a slightly older tradition than the digital revolution. However, there’s no reason we should not combine the old and the new. As we gather in our reduced holiday season, and we think about how we have connected with our loved ones over the month, we can take a larger perspective and express gratitude for the many things we can now do on our phones.

While our phones will never replace all our stores and will never match the warmth of a live conversation, we can sometimes forget too easily just how far we have come. It is truly incredible when we take a step back and marvel at everything we can do right at our fingertips.

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Track Odds for Thanksgiving Football

We love watching the NFL all year long, but few games stir up traditional rivalries like the big matchups on Turkey Day. To make sure you’re getting the best odds, make sure to pick one of the top online sportsbooks. This way you can stay up to date on who is most likely to come out on top.

While we cannot gather as many people as we normally would to watch the big games, with these new sites, we can still keep the friendly competition alive among our family. Now that no one is competing for the best chicken wings, we can amp up the sports competition a little bit more.

Shop Vintage Threads

For a long time we have been able to easily shop for new clothing online. Whether at the site for each individual store, or at the larger retail sites, finding the latest fashions on the web has been part and parcel of our digital experience for years.

Somewhat newer is our ability to find used clothing online. This opens up a new opportunity. Not only can we save some bucks, but we can also find many people curating their own collection. That’s right, people on Instagram or other social media browse, select, and curate clothing from around their city and resell the best of it online. This process saves you time and money.

Some of the accounts have specific targets, such as looks from the 1980s, or plus-sized glamour. Whatever your style, you’ll find something if you take a look. This is just one way that new generations are changing how we shop.

Shop for Groceries

People were very resistant about buying groceries online. There is something about the experience of going to the store that people were holding onto. Perhaps due to nostalgia. That has since changed.

You can shop at the big stores, if that’s your style. Whole Foods and Amazon have entered into a partnership, meaning you can order their groceries through your Amazon account. You can also pick up groceries from smaller independent grocery stores. Many of them will have their own apps, or you can order from the via delivery services.

It’s a huge relief to be able to stock up for Thanksgiving dinner this way. With so much on our plate, do yourself a favor and order your groceries online. You will save so much time when it is most important.

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Protect The Environment

In many ways, the digital revolution has been great for the environment. Although they still have some mining and waste issues to work out, we can be grateful for the way digital products reduce the need to produce some plastic.

Now we have another example of something we can do in our daily lives to move us towards a green future. Apps are springing up that help you reduce food waste. Food waste has a huge carbon footprint, even larger than animal husbandry. So doing your part to take a bite out of these emissions is great.

These apps, such as Best Before, allow you to buy food at reduced prices. These baskets, which can have fruits, vegetables, breads, or even olive oils, are nearing expiry dates. They are certainly safe to eat, but not ideal for selling. Some of them will even keep a running tally of how many pounds of CO2 you have sequestered from our atmosphere.

Practice a Foreign Language

Thanksgiving is normally about returning to our center, about reconnecting with family. But who knows, that family could have members who speak different languages. In an increasingly globalized world, it is best to be prepared for and open to as many intercultural opportunities as possible.

While language previously seemed out of reach. Either because of cost, or time, we were more limited. Now, there are plenty of free apps that allow you to practice reading, listening, writing, and even speaking. While Rosetta Stone and DUolingo are the most popular, they are not the only ones by any means.

Plus many teachers have moved online, giving classes via Zoom. You can shop around and find a native teacher from the country where they speak the language more predominantly. These are opportunities that were not available even a few years back.