Slime Fails and Fixes: Common Mistakes in Slime Making

Dec 28, 2023 5:00 PM ET

Slime-making has gone from a nostalgic activity to a global phenomenon. Everyone wants to own a slime collection, and in the blink of an eye, slime-making is becoming one of the most popular leisure activities. Social media platforms, especially YouTube and Instagram, have provided platforms where people can see and feel the appeal of the sticky, stretchy slime collection. While slime collections may seem appealing, making slime products requires dedication and the ability to pay attention. In this article, we will discuss slime-making fails and common fixes that will transform your slime-making world. 

#1 Inadequate Measurement of Ingredients 

The secret behind every good slime product is the use of quality ingredients. However, people still make terrible slime products with the right ingredients. It all comes down to inadequate measurements. Over or under-addition of ingredients like additives, glue, or activators will lead to a bad slime product. The final result will have a compromised quality. The texture and stretchiness of the slime will be unappealing despite you using quality ingredients. 

Tips For Accurate Measurements 

If you are a beginner in slime making, ensure you get a slime recipe book. Following the recipes duly will result in an almost perfect slime. Get measuring spoons and cups and use them to quantify your ingredients. The right measurement of slime ingredients will lead to a beautiful end result.

#2 Overactivation of Slime

A slime activator is used to preserve the stretchability of slime products. However, excessive activator does the total opposite. Overactivation of Slime removes the sticky and stretchy appeal that most slime enthusiasts are satisfied with. The accurate amount of activator will result in a smooth and elastic structured slime. Meanwhile, overactivation will result in a rubbery, crumbly slime.

Tips on adding an activator to slime

If you are not following any recipe book, you will need all your senses to be alert when adding an activator to slime. Initially, add a small amount of activator. Gently mix as you add the activator. Stop after the first few drops and check the texture. Continue to add to get your desired result. 

If, by chance, you missed the game by adding too much activator, you can reverse the effect by adding a certain amount of glue. Nonetheless, you will need to be extra careful so you don’t end up in a complete mess.

#3 Incorrect Glue-To-Activator Ratio

The ratio of glue to activator you apply in your slime is paramount to the total outcome of the slime. Deviating from the normal ratio will result in a slime product that will not be pleasing to touch. More glue than an activator will make the slime product overly sticky. On the flip side, the excess activator will lead to toughness, as mentioned earlier. If any of the situation occurs, you can easily troubleshoot by compensating the excess with more addition of the other. 

In simpler terms, if the glue is too much, gently add an activator and mix till you get your desired result. On the other hand, if the amount of activator is too much, gently add glue and knead together to get the texture of your satisfaction. 


Purchasing quality slime ingredients is the first step to achieving a good slime product. If the quality is good enough, take your time to achieve the best results by paying attention to the process of slime making. For the best slime results, it’s crucial to carefully measure each ingredient, ensuring the perfect balance for your slime dreams.

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