Small Business Marketing in 2020

Nov 5, 2020 8:08 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 5, 20203:08 PM ET

 Marketing is crucial for any product to survive and flourish. After all, no matter how strong your product is, without consumers knowing it is out there, you will not generate any sales. Generally, the marketing of products produced by large firms is easier. They have the budget and the resources to use mega marketing techniques. For example, hiring television channels, radio stations, or even numerous billboards. However, the situation gets complicated when we consider a small business. Generally, small business marketing is more complex as it has a lower budget and restricted options. Here, we are going to discuss the best ways for small business marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Let’s face it – social media is the marketing king. Why? The main reason is that it can easily be approached by any business irrespective of its size. One major benefit of social media marketing is cost-efficiency. In essence, the business can reach a large section of its target audience for as low as 1 USD per month. Also, you can scale your advertisement campaigns as your business grows.

Another major benefit of social media marketing is global reach. If you are a small firm starting, you can select and gradually expand the areas to target. This way, your product becomes known to more people for less marginal costs.

However, social media marketing may not be effective for all products. For example, products that require physical demonstration may not attract potential customers on social media advertisements.

Email Marketing

You may request the visitors to your website to subscribe to your newsletter. This subscription can later form an excellent way to carry out email marketing. Currently, multiple types of email marketing are possible for small businesses at minimal price-tag.

Traditionally, email marketing includes the links to your various products along with their descriptions. In some services, you may attach pictures of your product as well. Services like MailChimp offer a range of customization options as well.

Recently, the trend is shifting more towards email video marketing. Here, services like Hippo Video and Dubb allow you to attach links to videos regarding your products. You may attach 1-to-1 videos as well. These videos allow your customer to feel more welcomed. Thus, they can ensure better conversion rates.

However, video marketing comes at a higher cost than simple email marketing. Additionally, it may cause you more than you can afford per month in the early stages of your business. However, there are cheaper alternatives present, which allow some form of video email marketing for lower costs.

Local Marketing

We can not rule out the power of traditional, local marketing techniques to introduce your product to the market. A small business marketing strategy is incomplete if we do not mention the use of such marketing techniques.

Generally, everything from a local radio campaign to pamphlets and leaflets mentioning the product can be used to create awareness. Also, some firms offer a completely incorporated strategy that employs multiple local marketing measures.

One aspect of local marketing revolves around local SEO as well. Here, the firm optimizes your website to ensure that most traffic from the local area organically lands on your website. This way, your website itself becomes a marketing tool.

Pay Per Click Marketing

This model is suitable for small business marketing because it reduces overall marketing costs. Here, the small business owner only pays when someone clicks on their online advertisement on different platforms.

The benefit here is that the person clicking is likely to make a purchase. This purchase is usually much higher in price than the per click rate that the small business owner pays for this type of marketing.

However, there is always the chance of spam or wrong clicks. In such cases, the clicks result in payment being charged to the small business owner despite them receiving no potential client.


Multiple marketing methods exist to market small business products. We hope that our article helps you select the best methods. Let us know how it turns out in the comments section.