Solid Invest Review – The Bridge That Connects You to the Crypto Markets

Nov 25, 2020 5:40 PM ET

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The crypto market has seen quite a meteoric rise in the past few months. Despite the pandemic and lockdown in effect, various big currencies surpassed their yearly projections. In fact, their growth has been so exponential, various individuals are flocking to the crypto market by the dozens.

And if you are one of those people, then the first thing that you will need to do is register to a broker. Brokers are like bridges to the financial market of your choice. Although you can trade without them, they just make it much easier. One such broker that strives to make its trader’s experience easier is Solid Invest.

Easy Sign Up

A major problem that plagues many brokers is the time they take to respond to traders. This problem is especially apparent when traders are trying to sign up, but receive their confirmation days or weeks later. New traders can be overenthusiastic about the prospect of trading, and brokers must capitalize on hat fast before their interest wanes.

However, with every passing year, brokers are starting to understand that they cannot make traders wait for so long. Therefore, many of them are improving their response time towards newer traders. And no broker has quite taken to that change than Solid Invest.

Solid Invest tries their best to respond to new traders within three to four days at most. Some new members told me about how they took close to four days to respond to their request. However, this is was rare, especially since most members received a confirmation within less than two days.

Multiple Account Types

Beginners are not the only ones that will be looking to join a broker. If you have a year or two of experience under your belt, you are looking for a lot more than a fresh trader. You may be looking for some features or add-ons that most beginners would not even know about. Luckily, there is a way how you can let the broker know what you are expecting from them.

Account types are a great way to choose the experience that you are looking for. Most brokers offer three to four different account types, and so does Solid Invest. Their accounts start from explorer and basic, and progress till platinum. Each account type has their own minimum deposit range, as well as features to help traders at that account.

Furthermore, each account type also comes with a different set of features and perks that help traders. These features can be as simple as a personal analyst or as game changing as weekly sessions with an analyst. These features can help traders reach their fullest potential when trading.


Bookkeepers are another incredible feature that most traders will have access to when trading. One of the unique selling points to trading with Solid Invest is that they offer bookkeepers to help members implement trading strategies. It can be quite useful in the long run when you eventually get to a higher level of trading.

Keeping You Safe

Brokers are always in a very tricky position when it comes to security. They are always managing large sums of cash, and most hackers know that. Therefore, brokerages are prime targets for cyber crime and there is not much that they can do other than beef up their security.

Most brokers encrypt their client’s data and store it in safe locations. Other brokers are trying to use a decentralized system similar to blockchain, so that the gathering information is significantly harder. In this Solid Invest review we can tell you that fortunately, Solid Invest ensures that traders on their platform are safe.

Similar to most brokers, Solid Invest also encrypts their traders’ data in an effort to keep them safe from cyber attacks. As you know, before registering to any broker, you will have to provide all sorts of sensitive information. This includes pictures of your identity card, debit card, and various bank statements.

Moreover, Solid Invest applies various rules and policies to ensure only people interested in trading are on their platform. Their implementation of the KYC policies is quite impressive and ensures that traders on their platform are safe from fraud.

A Diverse Platform

As technology has evolved, so has the way that people trade. Some still trade the old fashioned way by taking out time and focusing on trading. Conversely, there are people that like to trade on the go. Instead of dedicating time to trade, they trade in short bursts of the day.

While there is nothing wrong with either of these techniques, this did pose an issue to brokers. They would now have to cater to this specific part of the market that wanted to trade on the fly. And with the help of their unique trading platforms they were able to do exactly that.

Solid invest offers traders the ability to choose which platform they would like to invest through. Their various trading platforms include a web trader and a mobile app made by the Solid Invest team. Depending on a third party software can be quite dangerous.

The chances of a security breach are much higher with a third-party software. Moreover, a third-party software offers its services to multiple brokers, increasing the possibility of errors. But with a first-party software, issues are almost nonexistent and the first-party owner can focus more on the app itself.

Be Patient When Trading

Trading is not something that comes to people over night. Instead, it is a skill that they have to develop over months or years. I wish trading came to me over night, and maybe it wouldn’t have taken me this long to be good at it.

Therefore, yu should try not to rush yourself into learning the basics of trading. Only with a good foundation will you be able to trade properly. Finally, take your time and calculate the risk of each opportunity you take.  There is no need to rush, so be sure to go through the fine print and any other information that you can find about your chosen investment.

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