SoundJoy Earbuds Reviews 2021 : Is Sound Joy Earbuds Legit or Scam?

Oct 6, 2021 10:30 PM ET



The arrangement of sounds having melody, rhythm, and usually harmony has for long caught man’s interest. Music has been around for as long as one can remember and will continue to be.

However, in a world of science of technology, there are so many ways you can enjoy your music without having to disturb another person.

Technological products such as earpieces, earbuds, etc. do not only allow you to enjoy music without disturbing others, they also allow you to enjoy your music anywhere, anytime. Again, you need not bother cords or about carrying them about, as they are quite portable.

This article reviews the new SoundJoy earbuds, a product that helps people enjoy music at its best.


WHAT IS SOUNDJOY EARBUDS? (SoundJoy Earbuds Reviews)

SoundJoy is a wireless earbuds built for listening to music. SoundJoy earbuds use Quad-core technology to give out brand output. This technology enables SoundJoy to give out deep rich bass and crisp clean highs regardless of the volume.

The SoundJoy earbuds use an active noise cancellation technology that makes their sound output clear even when used to received calls or attend online meetings.

The earbuds use the Blue Tooth 5.0 technology that enables them to connect to any device quickly, both new and old. It also allows for maximum range from the connected devices. It can connect to phones, Apple watches, etc.

It is a product of SoundJoy, an American-based company. Unlike established brands, SoundJoy products are more affordable as the brand is still obsessed with delivering quality to customers with minimal costs on the brand name.

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The SoundJoy earbuds have the following specifications keyed into their production:

Dual Quad-Core speakers
Blue tooth 5.0 technology
36 Hour charging case
Ergonomic shape
3 different size silicone fittings
IPX5 waterproof standards




The Dual quad-core speakers ensure quality sounds. This is a feature to look out for if you are a music lover. It is also appropriate to consider it if you are always on zoom meetings or calls. In addition, if you enjoy your games with lively sounds, then you should consider the quality of quad-core speakers.

The Blue Tooth 5.0 technology enables you to connect easily to your favorite music devices, even your iPhone watch. This technology also gives you a favorable range on your devices and allows you to enjoy more uninterrupted music.

The SoundJoy earbuds come with a 36-hour charging case and an appreciable battery life. You can enjoy music for extended hours.

The ergonomic shape and the 3 different silicone fittings ensure your earbuds are just right for your ear and you can wear them for long hours without feeling pains in your ear.

The IPX5 waterproof standards enable SoundJoy to be used during sweaty workouts. You should be able to use your earbuds without fear of spoilage.




The following are some of the features that make the SoundJoy earbuds stand out in the market:


Top Quality Sound

When it comes to the functionality of earbuds, the quality of the sound produced is key in determining functionality. The SoundJoy earbuds give out quality sound output.

It has deep bass and as well gives out clear treble sounds. It does not matter if you are listening to heavy metals or classical music, these earbuds can serve.

The quality of its output cuts across different volume levels and you get to enjoy quality output irrespective of the volume of what you are listening to. This way, you get to catch those salient points said in the zoom meetings and calls, or the fast lyrics of your favorite pop star while you enjoy the beat.


Easy wireless pairing

The SoundJoy earbuds use the new Bluetooth 5.0 technology that allows them to pair strongly with your music devices. These earbuds can be used on various music devices and the connection is strong.

You do not have to worry about having your music interrupted because of poor connectivity. In addition, the range of the Bluetooth coverage is quite appreciable. This makes SoundJoy apt for use during calls, zoom meetings, dance practice, workouts, etc.


Active noise canceling

This feature of SoundJoy earbuds is actually a striking one that differentiates it from others. This technology helps the cancellation of various noise sources that could pose a challenge when listening to music. Some people grow tired of listening to calls or conferences because their eye devices lack this feature.


Adaptive Silicone barrier

Nobody loves it when putting on earbuds for a couple of hours is paining. However, SoundJoy earbuds are developed to fit the ear. In addition, the adaptive silicon barrier helps it fit you better and keeps it in place so it does not go out. It does not matter whether you are going to jog, or getting into something more intense, this feature ensures you do not end up looking for your earbuds.


Clear phone calls and zoom communications

Many buds are only suitable for listening to music but prove faulty when used for phone calls, zoom meetings, google meet, etc. However, the SoundJoy earbuds give out clear phone calls and other forms of communication.



Getting an item is a thing, but getting that item to last long is another thing. No one wishes to purchase an item just to think twice about it later. SoundJoy earbuds have all proof of solidness, which shows that it is strong. Unnecessary to stress over them falling on the ground and being destroyed just without any problem. The buds are made with quality materials and furthermore impeccably made that you will not lose your cash for simply a fall. The item vows to endure longer than different items in a similar classification.


Amazing case

The case for SoundJoy earbuds is for not only storing or keeping the buds safe, however it assumes a major part in putting away the buds when not being used. It keeps the buds from getting lost or stowing away and making them hard to track down. Close by these storing benefits, the case is underlying such a way that the buds can be charged when flawlessly supplanted to the case. You can likewise really look at the battery life by taking a gander at the light sparkling for the situation, to decide when you need to re-energize the batteries. The case is also versatile.


Ergonomic technology

Using earbuds with the wrong design can cause pain in the ear; it can also be very uncomfortable. This is another reason why SoundJoy stands out. The shape is very sleek and is design in accordance with ergonomic standards to ensure you can get to use your earbuds as long as you need to use them.


Long battery life

With just a little while of charging, SoundJoy is ready to be used. At full, charge, the earbuds can last for an appreciable amount of time.  In addition, the case of the earbuds can give you up to 36 hours of non-stop music.


Sweat and Water-resistant

The SoundJoy earbuds use the IPX5 water-resistant standard to produce earbuds that can be used in sweaty conditions. This implies that you can hit the gym with your earbuds and get serious work done as you listen to energizing music from your earbuds.



The size of SoundJoy earbuds and their case makes them very portable. The fact that is wireless is just an extra plus. You can take your buds with you anywhere you go and use them at your convenience and discretion.

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Who needs SoundJoy Earbuds? (SoundJoy Earbuds Reviews)

Well, defining the scope of everyone that should be in need of these earbuds could be tactical. However, there is no doubt this will include a lot of people.

It would not matter either you are tired of untangling wires of outdated earbuds or you are looking for something more sophisticated and trendy. The SoundJoy earbuds are definitely an option to consider. If you intend to go for something more sleek and fashionable, it is also for you.

How about music lovers? If you enjoy listening to music while you go about your daily chores and sundry activities, SoundJoy buds offer you the opportunity of doing that in grand style. It also avoids the unpleasant situations associated with wired buds being tangled, stuck, or drag on another object.

Do you work in a place where you get confidential information? You surely do not want to make a loudspeaker music option your option. You will need a sleek device that you can use to communicate without hassle.


How to use the SoundJoy earbuds (SoundJoy Earbuds Reviews)

Unlike many people expect, the SoundJoy earbuds are quite easy to use. It also comes with an easy-to-understand manual that serves as a proper guide to its usage.

However, the steps in the usage of the SoundJoy earbuds can be outlined thus:
Ensure your SoundJoy earbuds are charged.
Power your earbuds on
Enable Bluetooth connectivity on your music device and select SoundJoy earbuds
Attach to your ear and you are good to go.


How to Charge the SoundJoy Earbuds

The SoundJoy earbuds come with a case that charges them automatically. All you need to do is to:

Charge the case of the earbuds when it is out of power
Insert the earbuds into the case to charge.
Your earbuds are now ready to use

Once you have charged your SoundJoy earbuds, you are expected to enjoy their usage until it is necessary to charge again. This should cover about one and a half hours of usage on a full charge.


Benefits and usage of the SoundJoy earbuds (SoundJoy Earbuds Reviews)



Some uses of the SoundJoy earbuds include:

Soundjoy can be used in places where playing music out is prohibited
The earbuds can be used when you wish to cut yourself off the noise in the environment.
The SoundJoy can also be used in specific needs like memorizing a song or meditating on a script.
It can be used to ensure continued communication especially when the hands are busy. This is a common scenario in workplaces when you have to keep your hands busy as you communicate with family or a customer.
These earbuds can also be used for taking calls while driving.
It also can be used to listen to sensitive information in the midst of a crowd of unwanted audiences.
SoundJoy earbuds can be used to enjoy music at their best without the hassle of properly placing the cords of other music devices.

Talking about benefits, the list is actually unending. However, a few of them include:



It very well may be utilized anywhere so effectively and without hauling regard for oneself. At the point when you need to settle on a private telephone decision or pay attention to a sound message without letting everybody around you notice, SoundJoy earbuds will come in handy then.

The SoundJoy earbuds have a minimal case that can be utilized to check the charge left in the buds anywhere essential. On the solace, one factor that deters individuals from the utilization of earbuds is sick fitting. This is the thing that makes it simple for earbuds to get lost. SoundJoy focused on this test while making their buds since they added silicone in-ear tips for further developed soundness and more solace, much over extensive stretches. No more hurting ears or rashes. The further developed shape ensures you find all the solace you can get.



Some of the time individuals might decide to incorporate certain earbuds in their clothing, just on the grounds that they make them look well informed. Without a doubt, smooth earbuds can work on one’s appearance. You do not need something that appears as though an ear helps. You additionally do not need earbuds that makes you look senseless on your clothing since it swells out an excessive lot. SoundJoy buds are smooth and smaller buds that will serve in all events.


What makes me choose SoundJoy Earbuds? (SoundJoy Earbuds Reviews)

There are numerous reasons to use SoundJoy Earbuds. One, high-quality sound, water-resistant, deep bass, simple pairing, no pain in the ears, crystal clear phone calls, and active noise canceling These are some of the reasons why SoundJoy Earbuds should not be overlooked. In comparison to other earbuds, it is also relatively reasonable. Unlike all major corporations that are just selling because of the popularity of their brands, SoundJoy Earbuds took some time to develop. With SoundJoy Earbuds, you can enjoy quality in a new way.


Where and how to get SoundJoy Earbuds (SoundJoy Earbuds Reviews)

Many people wish to own a device such as this, but they are unsure of where to obtain one. Its usage is highly varied and it certainly one or more of its uses will appeal to many people. However, anyone who wants to buy the SoundJoy earbuds should visit the official website and place an order. Ensure you get nothing less than an original copy that will come to the submitted address within some hours. All of the information users require is available on the official website.


Interested persons can place their order on the manufacturer’s official website using either their debit card (MasterCard, Visa, or the like) or their PayPal account, depending on their preferences. All transactions on the site are secure so attackers will not be able to get access to or steal your personal information. Attempting to buy the SoundJoy earbuds from unauthorized sites exposes customers to the danger of becoming victims of fraud. Interested persons are advised to ensure that they are purchasing from the authentic site.


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Price of SoundJoy Electric Earbuds (SoundJoy Earbuds Reviews)

One SoundJoy earbud cost $120.99. However, the company is giving a 48% discount for products bought at this time. Below are the prices of SoundJoy Earbuds when the discount is applied:

1x SoundJoy Earbuds costs $59.99
2x SoundJoy Earbuds costs $111.99
3x SoundJoy Earbuds cost $136.99
4x SoundJoy Earbuds cost $156.99

Refund Policy

If the buyer chooses any package from all that is offered, apart from the main cost of the package, an extra shipping price will be charged. The best part, though, is that there is a 60-day money-back guarantee in place. If buyers do not like a package, they have 60 days from the date of purchase to return it to the seller


A personal testimony about the use of SoundJoy earbuds (SoundJoy Earbuds Reviews)

I have been struggling for quite a time with making progress on my guitar playing. Then I got a tip that was to help me in real-time. My coach advised me to get advanced earbuds that would enable me to hear the different elements and instruments and listen to how the different instruments coherently formed the harmony of the song.

He showed me how he uses advanced earbuds to practice parts played by guitarists in various popular songs. He went ahead to let me listen with his own earbuds. I was perplexed at the quality of the earbuds and instantaneously conclude such buds were off my reach.

I was however surprised to find out the price. Using SoundJoy earbuds has helped me improve my guitar skills. I now listen to my favorite artist, try to scale, and practice with my guitar.

The major plus I have experienced is the stereo quality of its sound output. The buds are also conducive for my ears and thus enable me to practice for long hours without my ears getting sore. In addition, the wireless nature of the buds enables me to keep at my guitar without interference from the cords. Michael, a Guitarist.

My career has long been taking its toll on me. I have to work on the PC as I take orders and instructions from both management and customers. Previously, the work gets frustrating when I get to answer a lot of calls.

Wired buds did not really help as the cords were interfering with my workflow. When I decided to get buds, I was skeptical. Previous experience and tales of colleagues show that some buds were terrible at calls, google meetings, etc.

I decided to go for superior quality. I read a ton of reviews on recent earbuds and finally decided to try out the SoundJoy earbuds. I was in doubt of its quality when I saw the price but I have been clearly wrong!

The SoundJoy buds now make work very easy for me. I can take and respond to calls while I continue with the work at hand. My workflow is hardly hindered, as it does not take much to pick or end calls from my buds. I really appreciate the fact that I pick even the slightest details and the buds are appropriately designed. I can wear my buds for long hours without getting sore.  Maggie, Secretary.


Customers Reviews on SoundJoy Earbuds Review



Jeff P from San Diego, CA says: ‘Strong Earbuds. The delivery was quick and the sound quality is astonishing. I can without much of a stretch switch somewhere in the range of one and two earbuds, so they are extraordinary for work as well. Five Stars Rating’

Monica Y from Chicago, IL says: ‘Subsequent to having network issues with another brand, I chose to attempt SoundJoy. These combined with my gadget quickly (SoundJoy Earbuds Review)’

Terry S from Tampa, FL says: ‘After my child lost his costly beats, I got him these. Presently he wears his SoundJoys all over the place. He swears that they are the best earbuds he has claimed at any point ever’


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Frequently Asked Questions on SoundJoy Earbuds (SoundJoy Earbuds Reviews)


Can you answer, reject or pause phone calls directly from earbuds?

Yes, simple touch controls allow you to skip songs, fast forward, rewind, pause, and answer or reject phone calls all from your fingertip (SoundJoy Earbuds Review).


Will SoundJoy Wireless Earbuds pair with my device?

Yes. Your SoundJoy will instantly pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device such as iPhones, androids, tablets, computers, and even smartwatches. SoundJoys utilize the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for skip-proof audio.


Will these hurt my ear?

Our TEF (true ear fit) system was designed around the human ear for maximum comfort. However, no two ears are the same, which is why each pair of SoundJoy Earbuds comes with three different size silicone fittings. Therefore, you can enjoy wearing them for hours on end (SoundJoy Earbuds Review).


What is the biggest difference between this and the top-selling brand I have seen in stores? (SoundJoy Earbuds Reviews)

To be honest, the price. If you are looking for high-quality earbuds (with dual quad-core speakers) and impressive wireless audio at a fraction of the price, then SoundJoy is tough to beat.


Are SoundJoy Wireless Earbuds waterproof?

SoundJoy Earbuds are built to strict IPX5 Waterproof standards. That means they can withstand light rain, heavy workouts, and other sweaty activities. It is not recommended to swim with your SoundJoy Earbuds.


Are the phone calls clear?

SoundJoy Earbuds have built-in noise reduction that cancels out ambient noise. Those way phone calls are crisp and clear for both parties. No matter where you are. They also work great for zoom calls and on-the-go work meetings.


How long do these take to charge?

SoundJoy Earbuds can be used after a few minutes of charging, but a full charge takes at least 1.5 hours. A full charge provides up to 36 hours of battery life.


Can I try out the SoundJoy Earbuds before making my final decision?

Yes, you can try out SoundJoy Earbuds. It comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you do not like it for any reason, simply return it within 60 days following delivery (SoundJoy Earbuds Reviews).


Final Verdict On Soundjoy Earbuds (Soundjoy Earbuds Reviews)

SoundJoy has a rising reputation for producing quality products. With these earbuds, it is clearly history repeating itself. The SoundJoy has clearly taken the enjoyment of music to another level. The buds are not only phenomenal at producing stereo quality sounds but are also fashionable and up to that with current technological advances.

The SoundJoy earbuds are optimal for calls and other communication mediums such as zoom and other online meetings. The buds are also able to give out deep bass and clear highs irrespective of the volume you are using.

It is durable and long-lasting, light weighted and fashionable. Its use of ergonomic technology ensures its usage is not painful and can be used as long as possible. Its use of silicone fitting makes it hard to fall off or lose.

People purchase these SoundJoy earbuds due to their portability, quality sound, ease of connectivity, battery life, affordability, etc. Its numerous unique feature is one of the reason it is actually trending. All these factors are coupled with the fact that is a product of an American company with rising credibility.

The SoundJoy earbuds are leaving a long trail of satisfied customers and its producers are so committed to customer satisfaction. This has been evidently portrayed in warranty and refund policies.


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