South Carolina driver causes a four car accident and dies shortly afterward. How will fault be divided between everyone involved?

Feb 28, 2020 5:05 PM ET

When several cars are involved in the same accident, it is best to seek legal advice to determine how to proceed with lawsuits or other measures.

A four car collision in Sumter County, South Carolina took the life of a teenager and injured others.


Speeding teen driver is killed when he loses control and hits three cars

The incident began when the driver in a Nissan sedan was caught speeding and a local police officer briefly trailed the vehicle to make a stop. Shortly afterward, this driver went over the center line while going through a curve and hit another driver. After this initial impact, the vehicle continued for a short distance on the wrong side of the road before hitting a Toyota Corolla sedan on Clipper Road. This Toyota was then pushed into the SUV that was directly behind it. 

All three of the individuals that were passengers in the Nissan vehicle were not wearing seatbelts. They needed to be taken to Prisma Health Tuomey Hospital for treatment of various injuries. The driver of this vehicle was an 18 year old who died on the scene. All occupants of the other three vehicles involved were mostly unharmed. Police confirmed that everyone in these cars was wearing a seatbelt during the collision. 

The South Carolina Highway Patrol was scheduled to complete a full traffic investigation. An autopsy of the deceased teen was also scheduled by the Sumter County Coroner.


What should be done after a multiple vehicle accident?

Drivers should stay on the scene and contact local law enforcement and their insurance companies. This will make the process of bringing a lawsuit or filing an insurance claim at a later date easier. The officers and investigators on the scene will collect everyone’s information and generate an official accident report that lists the damage, cause of accident, and an opinion as to what happened in the moments immediately before the crash. This report can be used as evidence in court or to prove damages to each driver’s insurance carrier.


Negligence and multiple cars

Car accidents that involve multiple vehicles can implicate a complicated area of South Carolina’s tort law. Each driver is able to collect damages related to the accident as long as they are not more than 51% at fault for the crash. This is called the modified comparative negligence doctrine. In cases where multiple vehicles are involved, it can be difficult to estimate how fault will be divided without legal advice. 


Get help immediately after an automobile crash

There are attorneys who can guide you through the process to bring a lawsuit against another driver anywhere in the state of South Carolina. The Louthian Law Firm, P.A. offers free consultations to local clients. 

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