SpaceX All Set To Deliver Cargo To NASA Space Station Using Its Dragon XL Shuttle

Mar 28, 2020 8:25 PM ET

The space agency NASA has announced recently that it has considered SpaceX as the export provider to space for logistics purpose to deliver experimental materials, supplies, and cargo to its lunar Gateway.

This means that the provider will be among the companies of NASA so it can turn on it when it needs things to shuttle via spaceship between the Earth and lunar platform that will orbit the moon and provide a challenging ground of staging for future crew moon missions.

This particular of the SpaceX will not only serve NASA’s forthcoming Artemis moon projects but it will eventually seek to secure a permanent scientific human lunar presence, but it will also involve in the space agency’s begins of work toward the extension of mars work for the humans to reach there as well.

At present NASA is planning to launch the multi-cargo supply missions to the Gateway which is in the plan of construction, with the spacecraft designed to go to the station and tends to remain there for about 6 to 12 months.

The estimated costs of these contracts are expected to top-up for the maximum of $7 billion for the entire contract, with the guarantee of providing a minimum of two missions per provider.

Though other provides are still likely to be considered in the future for the mission, SpaceX is the first company signed by NASA under the agreement so far. It has already contracted with the agency in delivering regular supplies that run on the Earth orbit using its Dragon cargo spacecraft.

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