Spectrum Internet Is Helping People Work At Home During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Aug 12, 2020 5:05 AM ET

Currently, we are living in an unpredictable world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries around the world have imposed partial, if not complete lockdown. The lockdown comes following the announcement made by WHO, that the most effective way to stop the disease from spreading is to isolate yourself at home. Keeping this precautionary measure in mind, many organizations including schools, colleges and financial markets have asked employees to work from home. Be it students continuing their education through online classes or employees conducting online meeting, many people are working from home. In these hard times, Charter Communications is working tirelessly to ensure maximum availability of Spectrum internet service to people who are in quarantine.

Why is Spectrum emphasizing self-installation?

With most of the world currently in quarantine, there is no reason for people to go outside their home. The situation is quite tricky for those who didn’t have the right cable television or high-speed internet installed beforehand. Because of the lockdown people do not want an installer to come into their homes. Keeping this sensitive situation in mind, Spectrum has come up with a solution. Charter Communications is now asking customers to install Spectrum internet on their own. By following a few steps, users can have access to high-speed internet using the same coaxial cables as Spectrum cable television packages without needing a third person’s help.

Steps to install Spectrum Internet:

You can do the self-installation of Spectrum internet service anytime you want. If you get stuck on any step, keep in mind that you can call the Spectrum customer service number and the friendly representatives will help you out.  Ask your internet service provider to send you the installation kit. Inspect the things included in the installation kit:

Instruction manual
Wi-Fi router
Coaxial cable
Ethernet cable
Two power cables

Before you begin anything, remember to check to see if you have all of the things in the installation kit or not. If even a component is missing, contact Spectrum immediately, and they will solve your problem.

Installing the modem and connecting it:           

Start the process by connecting the modem with the coaxial cable in the kit. Connect one end of the cable with the modem. The other end should go with the cable outlet. Now, take a power cable out of the kit and connect one of its ends to the modem. The other end should go into an electrical socket. Wait a few minutes. The modem will form a connection. When the connection is made, the light will turn green.

Linking the modem with the router:

Now that the light has turned green, you can connect the Wi-Fi router and the modem. Bring out the Ethernet cable from the kit. One end of the cable should go to the modem. There will be an ‘internet port’ on the Wi-Fi router. Connect the other end with that port. Then you need to power up the Wi-Fi router. Bring out the other power cable from the kit. One end of the power cable should go to the Wi-Fi router and the other should go to an electrical socket. The Wi-Fi indicator will light up in a few minutes.

Activate the internet:

When you are done with the first few steps, you can connect WiFi to the gadgets or machines in your house. Once you are connected with the new WiFi, the browser will take you to the Spectrum Internet page. The page will ask for details, which you can find on the back of your router. After you have logged in, you will need to optimize your network settings. Make sure to follow through with all the initiation process correctly. If you do not like the name or password of the internet, or you think it can be easily identified by the people living around you, then you can change it. Always remember to keep a secure password using mixed letter cases and numbers.

Choose the location:

The final step would be to identify the place where you’d like to keep the router. If you live in a large space, then make sure to keep the router someplace central, so the Wi-Fi signals reach even the corners of your home.

Wasn’t that easy? Within a few minutes, you should be ready to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies without asking anyone else to help you. In the unlikely case where the steps do not work, you can always call Spectrum Customer Care, and the representatives will be more than willing to help you. Spectrum Internet is going out of its way to help customers, and this self-installation guide is proof of how much they care about their customers. Spectrum Internet is doing its duty by not encouraging outsider to go into your home. You should also do the same.


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