Spill pollution and Norilsk Nickel’s measures to prevent the consequences

Oct 29, 2020 5:13 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Oct 29, 20201:13 PM ET

The fact is Norilsk Nickel is taking much effort to fight pollution today. It has to face different difficult situations.

There are various ecological issues and problems that appear regularly all over the world. People have started to think about the consequences that industrial production brings to the world we live in and try to eliminate the impact it has on the atmosphere. Although diverse environmental protection projects have been drafted globally, some ecological incidents still occur from time to time.

The tragedy that happened in Norilsk recently affected the environment and raised lots of questions among conservationists. Some authorities do not want to accept that the preventive measures should have been taken before and keep blaming Norilsk Nickel, the major pollution fighter in the Arctic region.

This article will overview the possible causes of a massive fuel spill as well as tell a bit more about the Norilsk Nickel activities devoted to the environmental protection in the regions of its operations.

Nornickel Combats Pollution and Eliminates the Consequences of a Massive Fuel Spill

As it was mentioned before, the incident that happened in Norilsk recently has caused lots of controversy among conservationists. Unfortunately, the industrial giant operating in the region became a scapegoat, as it is always easier to find someone to blame rather than investigate the issue fully.

However, it seems that the problem has deep roots, as the leading cause of the incident is the melting permafrost that led to the destruction of facilities and resulted in a massive fuel spill.

The scientists investigating the issues of climate change have warned about the possibility of this incident for a long time but nobody actually believed that it would really happen.

Norilsk Nickel combats pollution and does its utmost to eliminate the consequences of the tragedy. It also actively takes part in all the clean-up works and provides full financial assistance. The damage from the incident is estimated at RUB 21.4BN.

Nornickel states that it will continue the further investigation and take all the measures in order to prevent such tragedies in the future. The company will cover all the costs and provide assistance to those who are involved in the clean-up works.

Although combating pollution from a massive diesel fuel spill is its main priority now, Nornickel keeps combating pollution on all the levels. It has been implementing diverse drafts devoted to nature protection among which the Sulphur Project is the most important for the region.

Norilsk Nickel Against Pollution – Sulphur Project and its Main Goals

The Sulphur project led by Norilsk Nickel in cooperation with STEP aims at emissions reduction in the region and has such key points as:

  • existent facilities modernization that will lead to emissions reduction
  • redirection of emissions from low-height sources to flue-gas stacks
  • sulphur recovery units construction
  • upgrading of upgrading melting equipment

Nadezhda Plant is a flagship part of this project and reorganization and modernization will be mainly made there. It is planned that the project will be finished by the end of 2022 and will result in a dramatic reduction of emissions in the region.

According to the statistics, the steps that have already been taken have a positive result as the numbers show a sufficient decrease in the level of emissions in the region.

Cooperation with STEP and Further Environmental Protection Goals

As stated, the Sulphur project is carried out in cooperation with STEP that is responsible for the construction of the main project facilities. Norilsk Nickel has already signed all the documents and approved that the project will be continued and the construction site is ready for the works to commence.

The Nickel Plant has already been shut down as it was the first phase of the environmental program and it resulted in the reduction of SO2 emissions in a Norilsk residential area by 30%. It also led to the reduction of SO2 emissions in the Polar Division by 15%.

The next steps will include:

  • further investigation of the results
  • further upgrading and modernization of facilities
  • evaluation of soil pollution
  • removal of equipment and engineering infrastructure of Nickel Plant by 2023

However, Norilsk Nickel plans to combat pollution on various levels and keeps implementing projects devoted not only to air protection but also to wise waste management, water protection, biodiversity conservation, and investigation of issues connected to climate change problems.

Norilsk pollution level goes down annually due to the measures taken by Nornickel. The company sets environmental protection as one of its main goals and does its utmost to:

  • reduce emissions and protect air
  • find ways to use natural resources more efficiently
  • modernize existing equipment and facilities
  • contribute to biodiversity conservation
  • investigate climate change issues in order to find possible ways of coping with them
  • minimize the impact of the waste it generates

Moreover, Norilsk Nickel pays attention to the environmental management system noting that it helps not only to evaluate the ongoing projects and future goals but also plays a huge role in sustainability and environmental awareness among employees. It also shows that Nornickel acts in compliance with global environmental standards and that is why both customers and investors find this industrial giant reliable and secure.

To conclude, environmental issues are on the agenda nowadays as more and more ecological problems appear annually. Some huge corporations as Nornickel combat pollution not only in the regions of their operations but also globally.

The tragedy happened in Norilsk recently showed that the company is ready to take responsibility even if it has nothing to do with the incident. Norilsk Nickel provides full financial support and actively takes part in the investigation of the causes of a massive fuel spill.

Norilsk Nickel pays lots of attention to environmental protection and implements diverse projects devoted to nature preservation. The sulphur project that plays a huge role for reduction of emissions, as well as various other drafts aimed at eliminating impacts on the environment caused by industrial production, show that Norilsk Nickel sets environmental protection as one of its main goals.

Norilsk Nickel efficiently combats pollution and plans to continue reducing emission and contribute to the environment protection not only regionally but also globally.