Spotlight: Rowen Seibel A Leader In Real Estate, Financing, Hospitality and Planning

Jun 12, 2021 1:00 AM ET

Early Career
As early as eight years old Rowen Seibel was passionate about business. At eight, he started a baseball card business and also started what every eight-year-old kid wants, a candy business.

At 17, Rowen started a party and events planning business which became quite successful. After 9/11, Rowen Seibel developed a charity event to benefit 9/11 charities at Cipriani on 42nd Street. The event featured some of the world’s most prominent DJs, which was towards the beginning of a booming trend, which now dominates the nightclub industry by revenue worldwide.

Focus on Real Estate Properties

Rowen was instrumental in the forming and creating of REBNY’s creative deal of the year in 2004, at the age of 22. He introduced CBRE and its brokerage team to the Rodale team and worked to secure space, and even name the building after Rodale, where they remain today. This piqued Rowen Seibel’s interest in real estate deals. REBNY named this deal, the most ingenious of the year 2004.

Marketing & Planning
Rowen Seibel developed and assisted what is now the retail portion of The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. His goal was to draw more customers beyond the ground floor and bring them to the upper levels by adding the food section to the higher floors. At the same time, Rowen Seibel continued to find new real estate properties for major brands. In fact, Rowen has had significant experience in forming ideas around the development and layout of restaurants in popular buildings.

Rowen Seibel was in charge of developing, financing, and licensing the Serendipity brand from 2005 to 2015. Thanks to Rowen Seibel, through his financing, development, and licensing, the Serendipity restaurants expanded into Las Vegas, Florida, Washington DC, Tokyo, and Dubai.

Brand & Project Management
Rowen Seibel also developed the Old Homestead in Las Vegas and reengineered the menu for the restaurants in NY and Atlantic City while retaining the NY Meatpacking mystique.

It’s been a decade since Rowen Seibel lead the development in Vegas with the Caesars Palace team. Despite no involvement of any celebrity chef, Rowen Seibel improved and took the restaurants to new heights.

Partnerships & Hospitality Branding
Another outstanding achievement in the hospitality industry is Rowen’s ability to help celebrity chefs achieve their own restaurants and brand themselves. Rowen Seibel developed and financed multiple restaurant brands for Gordon Ramsay. From Gordon Ramsay Burgr to Gordon Ramsay Steak, Rowen led the partnership with the Caesars casinos and their development team.

Flagship Development
Ultimately, Rowen Seibel managed to bring the famous Iron Chef, Masaharu Morimoto into the Las Vegas scene. After years of trying to find a home for the Iron Chef brand, Rowen planned and marketed the flagship restaurant at MGM Grand Hotel. It took consistent and dedicated efforts from Rowen to get MGM to finance this establishment.

Rowen Seibel has always been at the forefront to structure recipes, find the most talented chefs, get involved in various activities, and pay close attention to details. During the Great Recession, Rowen developed the concept, financed and executed, the breakfast all day, Rise & Shine restaurant in Las Vegas for the local market followed by a second opening in 2015. There are plans for expansion in the near future.

Rowen Seibel
Rowen Seibel has closed multi-million dollar real estate property deals.  He understands the changing dynamics and trends in the real estate landscape. Rowen continues to remain active when it comes to real estate projects and financing.

On top of it all, Rowen continues to be active in the development of restaurants, financing, and private equity investments.

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