Staple Spices & Herbs for Every Kitchen – Settling in Your Kitchen with Ido Fishman

Feb 17, 2021 7:17 PM ET

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Spices are what add flavor to your food. The perfect mixture of spices can take your taste buds on a wonderful journey. However, if you take a bite of overly salted or spiced food, then you may never want to try out that particular dish ever again. If you don’t have much culinary knowledge, you may not know about the various spices and herbs that are added to everyday foods.  There is more to spices than just salt, pepper, and garlic.

Every recipe requires a different set of spices and herbs in varying quantities. So, you cannot add all spices or herbs to all dishes. The quantity and the flavor of the spices and herbs enhance the flavor of your main ingredients. So, great care should be placed when adding spices to your dishes. Adding too much or too little can completely ruin the overall taste of the dish.

If you are looking to make delicious dishes, but don’t know which spices to get, then carry on reading this article. You will find the top picks of herbs and spices by the culinary expert, Ido Fishman. Read and find out which herbs and spices you need to get in order to get a premium taste in your home-cooked dishes.

Ido Fishman’s Recommended Spices & Herbs

Salt and Pepper

Salt is the chief spice of all. The quantity of salt added to a recipe can either make it the most wonderful tasting dish or the most horrible one. You need to add just the right amount of salt, which means neither too much nor too little. There are a lot of varieties of salt to choose from such as table salt, sea salt, pink salt, etc. Just be vary of the grin size of your salt if you decide to use a different brand or type.

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Pepper is also a very important spice and is added to a majority of foods to give a spicy flavor to the dish. The unique scent of pepper has a great impact on the aroma.

Ground Allspice

Ground Allspice is also a must-have if you are into experimenting with various cuisines such as Indian and Italian. Allspice is a mixture of various warm spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, black peppercorns, and a few others, which give it a distinct flavor.

Red Chili Powder & Flakes

If you enjoy eating foods with a little flare, then red chili powder and flakes need a spot in your spice cabinet. Don’t confuse red chili powder with paprika because both of these spices have the same red and powdery appearance. These spices have individual flavors. You will come across many recipes that require paprika as well as red chili powder and flakes. Don’t shy away from a little bit of spice in your palate.


This spice has an intense yellow color and is generally used in the powder form. The earthy, musky, and pepper-Esque flavor of this spice is the perfect mix to add to any of your stews and soups. Be careful though, because it also leaves yellow stains on your fingers. It is widely used to add flavor as well as color to meaty-based dishes.

Ground & Whole Cumin

Cumin in both ground and whole form deserves a spot in your spice shelf. This is because it is a widely used spice that adds aroma and flavour to dishes such as soups, curries, gravies, and other seasonings as well. While being categorized as a spice, cumin is also used in various desserts and baked goods.


From adding flavor and aroma to your savory dishes to adding the right amount of texture to your sweet dishes, cinnamon is an all-rounder spice that you should have in your kitchen. You may be familiar with sweets and desserts that incorporate cinnamon such as cakes, muffins, bread, etc. However, you will be surprised to find numerous savory dishes that use this aromatic spice as well.

Ginger & Garlic

No matter how new to the kitchen you may be, you should be familiar with the important role that ginger and garlic play in your foods. Garlic is the ultimate seasoning that is used in almost all recipes of savory dishes. Similarly, ginger is also a strong flavourful ingredient that you can add to almost any food for extra flavor. Since fresh versions are not always available, you can always add powdered ginger and garlic to your spice cupboard.


Herbs are also a great way of flavoring your food as they add a distinct aroma and a delicious taste to the food. Some of the most commonly used herbs include oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, mint, and sage. These herbs can completely transform the taste of your dish. You will find that many pasta dishes require different herbs for taste. For instance, the garlic paste, Agilo E Olio, is made with just roasted garlic, salt, and parsley. The tangy and peppery taste of parsley makes this simple dish into a fancy pasta dinner.

For easy availability, you can either grow as a water-based plantation of these spices or keep dried versions of them in your cupboard. You can plant these herbs in a corner in your kitchen and have an endless supply of fresh herbs for your foods. Either way, Ido Fishman highly recommends keeping these herbs in your kitchen.

Final Thoughts

With the right spices, anyone can cook delicious dishes of their choice. Many different spices and herbs are available in the market. If you feel overwhelmed with the number of spices you see in the market, just stick to this list of basic spices and herbs. You will find that a majority of the recipes you find can be easily made with this limited number of ingredients.

Cooking requires commitment and precision. So, you should do your best to follow the recipe to the dot if you are new to cooking. Slowly, you will be able to adjust the quantity of the spices according to your taste. With a little experimenting, you will even be able to formulate your own recipes. However, that will take some skill and a lot of practice. So, fill your cupboard with the above-mentioned spices and herbs and get on cooking.